You’re Told For A Reason

When becoming independent from your parents, you may want to throw out some of what they told you when they raised you out the window and do quite the opposite. However, opposing what they advise you may not be the best advice just because they told you. They told you for a reason.

Since being independent over 4 years and amid a pandemic within two homes, it has been quite the journey. Likewise, being independent for the first time in my life, I became tempted to do things in life that I now know are crucial for my living. That has been taking my medicine and reducing my caffeine intake. The forerunner is a necessity and the latter is very important to avoid as it counteracts with the forerunner.

I may have never acknowledged it until reality hit and was very hard a few weeks ago. I had to realize that my world was spiraling out of control and even though it was determined that I was acting like a little child in a sense that I thought a certain medicine was used for one purpose, but it was helping in many ways that I did not see. Likewise with the spontaneity that I was performing by living to survive was not providing me with the wellness desire that I needed to have in life being independent.

Likewise, I had always been advised to avoid caffeine but always thought that it was my parents just wanting to rule my life. The reality I determined was the fact that most of the psychotropic medications that I take greatly advise against the use of caffeine. In fact the website for one of the specific drugs advises weaning off of caffeine before taking it. Looking back, I now see many red flags in my life whether or not I was medicating, but more so when I was not of times that caffeine fueled my feelings of being argumentative, hostile, aggressive, moody, angry, resentful and that others do take notice of that.

Even though at times I thought my parents were telling me these things because they wanted to police me, I know over 4 years since I left their home for the first time that they were telling me this because they cared about me and did not want anything bad to happen to me. I was vehemently in denial about this for the longest time, regardless I had to realize on my own that taking my medication routinely is extremely important and that not taking it or even having caffeine is even more important in my life. I realize that caffeine is widely used in the world and while 90% of Americans use it in some form, it is a dangerous substance for me.

In fact, I have the feeling that I was told about the need to limit my drinking of caffeinated beverages over 20 years ago in the early days of being specifically prescribed my psychotropic medication. That was probably not the time to tell me as a teenager because you either don’t care or you think your parents will take care of you. In fact we have had many arguments over the past two decades about my soda consumption and some of them would even break down in to severe verbal pleas and screams. Now by educating myself on this subject, I can see why acting that way. I was severely addicted to the soda and was in desperate need because my body was telling me that.

Regardless you hit a point in your life when you realize that you must make a change even though you may have been in denial for a long time, but that is just the caffeine or flawed thoughts talking to me and tempting me to go with the popular choice. But I am not popular or do not want to be. I am who I am and no one can define that.

Other people have to do things to live that are way more unpleasant that what I have to experience and they are told that they have to do these things for a reason, I am no different. This is the way that I have to survive and not die, therefore it was told for a reason and is a must do.

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