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Wellness Wednesday: Food’s Relationship

Whether I like to admit it or not, there is a relationship to the food that I consume and the effect it brings on my emotional behavior. In relation to other things in the journey that I have been facing, I must realize that food plays a part in the relationship I must endure and having the right food helps.

I have many times been in denial for one reason or another about the relationship of my food consumption and the challenges I face. Because the advice was coming from my parents, who I truly love, yet at probably not the best time, I would disregard my attention that overindulging on select foods and beverages is setting me up to be vulnerable to be dysregulated and as such there could be drastic consequences should things not be able to be remedied in a safe way.

It makes me wonder if now is the point that I have to take all advice seriously, for me and not only my mental health, but my physical health too. I do not like when I am dysregulated. It brings out a person that I do not want to be and it is out of pure fate that nothing tragic or consequential has happened. However, I must live up to my own end of the bargain in what to make things right when bad things occur and that means doing what is needed to be well, even if they may not seem fun to do or what I may enjoy.

It has been evidenced that things become amplified when the right concoction of improper ingredients are consumed that it becomes harder to decompress myself from triggering situations and if I am unable to do so, then elements can become very uncomfortable for myself and those around me. I must see this once and for all and understand that if I do not do the right thing, that there will be consequences for the actions that I may create.

Other individuals with similar challenges experience the same thing. It is all made with the biochemistry in our bodies or our medications that we take in order to regulate us, therefore it is sometimes best for us to do the things that we may not want to in life. It may be a struggle, but for the well-being of all involved, then it is best to do something because it becomes more of a necessity.

It is understanding how the medications for me work because I have been educated over twenty years ago in a psychiatric unit when all I was focused on was being the model patient and getting out because in my mind, my parents would “make” me take the medication and for the longest time that was the relationship with the understanding of what my parents was going to tell me to do.

However, when I became independent, I had a mind of my own. Over the years of being independent, my relationship with my medication was mainly flawed and that no one could tell me what to eat or drink, and for one reason or another, I could not see that my parents were educating me for a reason. Maybe it takes you to see what could a really bad possible way of being unable to conduct yourself to see you just have to make the right choices, even if they are not what you think is popular.

The fact of the matter, is you do not know what others experience and more than likely if I was to see what many others experienced, it would not be in the manner that I would experience it. We may not like to hear the truth, but if something is so volatile that you must make a change to your consumption or biochemistry in order to regulate yourself properly in order to keep what you have, then you must do it.

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