Road Bridge Crossing a Creek
A Journal Entry

The Battles of Being Autistic

I don’t deny or dislike being autistic, in fact I embrace it greatly as a gift!

But sometimes, it throws us curve balls in our day or presents battles that we don’t like to fight.

Terms like burnout, masking, sensory overload come with the diagnosis, whether or we like it or not.

Some can tolerate it better than others, but sometimes it makes us must divert our schedule to take care of ourselves because our human battery is just dead and can’t take anymore.

I used to battle the things that I didn’t like that are a part of the necessity of me managing being autistic, like medication, taking care of my dietary needs, or having necessary rest.

When my body tells me that I have had enough, it tells me just that. There is no choice.

When I wake up from extended or late-day naps, I would get angry about time passing.

But now, in a better light, I just accept it just as equally as has been diagnosed autistic.

It is one of the things that just come with being who I am and being angry or resentful doesn’t change anything about what I need to do to take care of               myself.

But I also know that I cannot fall astray from the path that I am on because I now know that there are things that I just must do to be well and independent, whether I like them or not, they are just a part of the makeup of me.

They are just tools needed to fight the battles of being autistic and even though I used to not take them as personal leverage, in the end they did not help my issues, they only made them worse.

Sometimes you must see and understand what you need to do to make things right and accept things for what they are, even if they set your day back.

You can only move forward; you cannot change anything that happened before the present moment.

That is something that I have to accept in the Battles of Being Autistic.

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