Reflections: More Optimistic, Less Pessimistic

As I continue down the road of bettering myself and my journey continues, I am better understanding the value of being more optimistic about what the future can like for me instead of living in the gloom and doom that I have spent a majority of my life in.

Life ebbs and flows, things change and happen, however oftentimes autistics thrive off of routines and struggle with change. Nonetheless, if changes are planned well in advance of when they are going to happen and the autistic individual is informed, then the transition will likely be easier. Accepting and realizing change in autistics can have very diverse fronts to them,

Many times as autistics are sensitive to change, it can be difficult to accept and understand. Oftentimes the automatic defense occurs due to the excessive build-up of adrenaline and cortisol in the human body and as such we can navigate into fight or flight mode. For me, when a change happens that is abrupt and sensitive, it can be hard to see it from the lens of where it is coming from and not understand why it is happening. The only thing we can see is how it affects us and if it triggers us, that is when fight/flight comes into play.

Sometimes, experiencing that change can make you realize that you are more stronger and resilient than you think that you are. You learn more about yourself and that you can get through even the worst of days. Sometimes you have to let the past go, see from the current lens of the environment that you must endure and see that there is life beyond the current scope that you are in,

It is knowing that even when the world outside you seems so complex and challenging that it is important to never give up hope in your daily living. I have also found out that those in my very close circle do not need to be verbally abused with my negativity and that I should work on other ways of channeling out my frustrations with what I must endure in the present moment.

When daily life can seem challenging, an automatic response can be to run away from the problems and not tackle them because they may require effort on our part. It can be hard to be hopeful that there is a future down the road. But as someone once said, will that moment of energy matter in 5 minutes, 5 months, or 5 years? That really got me thinking. Is something that makes me a little flustered worth all the energy that I am putting into it? Maybe I need to live my life beyond the current scope that I am in. What does the future for me look like? 

When I deeply look at things we are getting there, but some things cannot be forever. As much as I always want to deny it, things and people change. As one who struggles with transition and many other challenges, especially those that are deeply rooted within, life beyond those the things that are deeply rooted can be worrisome and doubtful at times. However, seeing the other side of the coin, I see a much better life that is prosperous and opens so many doors for me. 

Many times, I greatly discount myself for what I am able to endure and given the right elements I can greatly flourish and expand my horizons. In rough times, it can be hard to even imagine the possibility of these things, but staying in the current moment only keeps kicking the can down the road.

In reality, continuing to be optimistic of what the future can provide if I allow myself to picture myself in that element and work towards it slowly while lessening my negative outlook on life will make enduring what I must much more manageable.

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