A Journal Entry

Decompressing and Recharging

Today was one of those days.

It came with excessive sensory input that made getting through the day a challenge at times.

When I get home, I need time to decompress everything and recharge my batteries to get through the rest of the day.

In these times, I think very irrational thoughts as if I want to run away from the challenges that I experienced, not thinking that they are in the moment and that tomorrow is another day.

More than likely, it will be known as another day.

But it is knowing that I need to understand that I am just overreacting to the excessive stimulatory residue from the day’s events and that I just need to let it pass.
Some days it takes longer than others, today it took longer than expected.

I know that things in my life are never the same and are not always as bad as they seem, but many times I magnify as they are the worst thing ever that happened to me, but it’s just a day at the office, which I can mask well outside of my close circle, but to the inner circle, they are all vulnerable and I must be aware to not overreact to something that may not matter tomorrow.’

In this instance, it is best to stay to myself a little longer and focus on more interests and other things until my mind is more at ease.

A little bit at a time, and after all tomorrow is another day.

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