A Journal Entry

Getting Through Life’s Challenges

As I go through life, I am learning that nothing is ever perfect.

Not everything in life can be free from challenging moments.

Moments that produce anxiety. Flight mode kicking in.

It is life for me, many times in my daily life. But I got through it.

As I am learning more about my challenges, I am learning to better manage.

That I am overreacting. Not to magnify the things that I cannot change or play over in my head.

Not to make any rash statements or decisions towards those I love and support me.

Rather, think of the positives in life and if I work to get through it, where I can go.

Take my stressful moments as a life lesson. Learn and grow from them.

Learning about myself now means that I am practicing radical acceptance.

That I need to live in the here and now, not dwell on the past so deeply.

Knowing that being a realist and having optimism and hope, my life will get better.

But I got to do the work, learn to get in tune with myself more every day.

Let go of the things that I cannot change and move forward.

Be proud of where I am and not regress or be careless.

One day, the hurdles will seem like nothing.

Just a challenge for an autistic person living the life the best way he can.

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