A Journal Entry

Finding Motiviation

Sometimes I wonder, Why do I keep on going?

I remember around this time 13 years ago.

Being asked to work the job I currently have.

It was supposed to be six to nine months. A year later, it was established that it would be mine, with supports.

I had no idea what the job was and I didn’t even want think about working anymore…Life was different then for me.

Starting out, I had struggles, coupled with crushing anxiety that prevented me from working a great deal.

Over time, as with anything I do, I became more comfortable with the job and became more steady with it.

It was never about the money, although it was nice to have.

As with anything, things change and I was provided more opportunities.

I was given room to flourish, and although there were bumps in the road, they got better.

Setbacks happened, but I was given a chance to address the issues. Not many employers give individuals that opportunity, and I am thankful for them.

Sometimes, I often think, why do I work?

While it is part time and supplements my income, it makes me more financially healthy and able to do the things I want to.

Somedays, it can be hard to see that.

Seeing only in black and white sometimes, it is hard to see that I need work to not only supplement my income, but have purpose, worth and stamina in my life.

I also know that I am valued and needed by so many and am told that every day at the every shift at the minumum.

I am very thankful to have the job I have.

I understand that it is something that adults need to do and for me seeing recently how much income it brings in montly, with the state of affairs of the world, it is essential for remaining independent, which is essential to being well.

Over the years, we had so many work alongside me, yet most of them have left and only very few remain.

That should say something.

I know I am needed. It is what keeps me going and not giving up.

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