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Wellness Wednesday: New Year…New Mindset

As we start the second month of 2023, I am continuing the journey of having a positive mindset in 2023. I am making so many changes for the better, letting go of the past and allowing myself to be my true and genuine self while understanding I want to be an overall healthier person.

While nothing’s perfect, I have to admit that things in 2023 are working for the better. I am being more accountable for my need to be well overall, mentally and physically. It is realizing and understanding the necessity of finally adulting more and being less childish. It is letting go of things that happened in the past that have no place in the current moment and letting them go and realizing that I need to just be happy for once and allow myself to be the person I finally deserve to be.

It is not like I haven’t had the tools or mindset to do what I have known for a long time to make the changes to my wellness regimen in order to maintain optimal wellness. I have spent a great deal of time sitting in weight loss support groups and hearing my mom lecturing me about making the necessary changes in order to experience wellness. When reality struck with the first hour of the new year, I knew I could make the changes for the better because they had to be something I could enjoy and be satisfied with. They also had to be manageable for me.

By the end of 2022, I was tired of shrugging off the need to make changes for the better. My parents had to become tone deaf to stop the arguing and I slowly realized things were getting back to where they were when I was that person who couldn’t even walk through the store. I kicked 2023 off with a bang by going on a First Day Hike. I further enhanced this by returning to my going out to breakfast a few times a week again. This improves my mental health by seeing others and experiencing a world beyond the four walls. 

I realized that in late 2022, I was reverting back to my old ways of not getting out just as I did with the Doordash again. As January provided better weather than in 2022, I have been venturing out more in the community by walking and plan to do even more in 2023, even to the point of walking a 5K race again. 

I know that all of these things will improve my chances for weight loss. I know I need to lose weight, that is a no-brainer. I  have been attending a weight loss support group for over 16 years and have spent many meetings learning. I have purchased many of the tools needed to be successful in working to get the weight off, or at least some of it. This year, I have a certain target that I want to meet by year’s end and if I reach it before the end of the year, I will reevaluate and see where I want to go on.

The thing that I need to remember is that we live life day by day and I have to allow myself to best benefit myself in the way that works for me. I cannot set out to do things that are going to set me up to fail. I must understand my limits and know that I have to make these small changes for the better and hopefully continue to make 2023 one of those years I change for the better. It is my time to be me in 2023 and the more I realize that, it will be easier to navigate. 

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