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Doing What’s Right

Whether we like to hear things or not, it can sometimes be a struggle to accept them for what they are. Having to follow through with things because it is necessary for us to be there or be our best selves can sometimes be hard to see if you don’t feel it, but you must know it’s right.

It can be hard to do what is right when you are stubborn and do not want to give into something that you do not want to do. It can be hard to see that what you are actually doing, even though you may struggle with it, is actually helping you and it can sometimes take several years to realize it.

Whether by not doing it and coping in what you think is by yourself. Other people know, can tell and could possibly suffer. It can take some time to realize and accept this. Improvements can be gradual because you slowly accept the fact that no matter how you try to avoid the fact that something shouldn’t happen, it can be hard to be the adult in the situation and do the right thing.

It’s not being hard on yourself because you keep repeating bad cycles of things. Its recognizing the small achievements and knowing the reasons more and more of why something must be done. It is knowing the benefits and the risks of not doing what is right and who is involved when you do not do what is right. It is knowing the effects on you mentally and physically.

It takes remembering those times that you didn’t do the right thing and seeing the faults that it caused is not as a bad thing, rather as a lesson to teach you why you shouldn’t do it. It is not knowing when and how many times you can “get away with it.” It is knowing that doing what is ordered for you is done for good reason and that in most cases, everyone benefits from when you do the right thing.

It is not falling into the same trap, feeling sorry for yourself and keep the cycle repeating. It is doing what is right, living your best life, using practical and fun skills in order to keep you occupied and entertained. It takes being an adult and doing the right thing, especially if it is known to be moral and beneficial and that not doing the right thing will only make things worse and that being macho or stubborn only inflicts more harm than good for you and all around you.

Many times in life we make decisions. It can be hard to know that making a decision that we can not see in the moment that will help us down the road can be challenging to see then. It takes doing what is right throughout the experience and if it becomes necessary, no matter when the time comes to do the thing you struggle with being right, then just do it because you know in the end it is the right thing. 

It may be so simple, yet it can be something that can be a battle or a continual struggle to endure. It can be physically exhausting not doing it getting the strength to do it again and again can be even harder because it is something that is simple, but you have to realize that it is the right thing to do not only for you but for all those around you and involved with your work.

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