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Wellness Wednesday: Having Better Habits

As 2023 arrived, I realized that I needed to do a reality check on all things on the wellness front. I had to realize that in 2023 I needed to get real about all parts of wellness, physical, mental and spiritual.

If you have been following me on my platforms, you know the last four years have not been easy. I have hopefully turned a leaf in 2023 for the better where I will improve on many things because in reality all parts of wellness really go hand and hand. 

One of the things that I have been focusing on is the need to reduce soda. From 2022 when I was getting back in the habit of drinking regular soda again and seeing the weight creep back up made it obvious that a change needs to happen One reality of that change is realizing not only that it is necessary due to the fact of having too much causes my behavior to be hindered, but going cold turkey is really not an option either because I did that in 2019 and it was a literal epic fail.  Starting the new year, I am proud to say that it is now at around two liters. Compared to at least four liters a day in 2022 is a vast improvement. One factor in indulging on less is the fact that I am drinking out of a smaller glass and that I am incorporating more water.

As far as the medication goes, I am pretty certain that 2023 is going to be the year that I am more compliant with my medication once and for all. I have been pretty grounded in this area since late 2022 and have heard of other autistic people struggling to get medication and as a result not able to do the things that they want to do in life. It made me realize that with closing the door on 2022, I also needed to close the door on this forever issue of purposely skipping doses of medicine as well. Not taking my medication has not only made me mentally unwell, but also unwell physically to where I also cannot do the things in life that I want to do.

Spiritual wellness is something I also hope to improve in 2023 as it also ties in with my mental and physical wellness and when used in the way it needs to be done, it can set the tone for the day to go very well. It is not the same as faith and as such it is the need of taking better care of myself and being more grounded so I can be calm and do the things that I need to do in life. It is having a sense of calm and positive energy in my life and knowing that there are things that I can control in life and there are things I cannot control in life.

I also hope this can be the year that I clear my brain of those pesky irrational, negative pesky thoughts and not allow myself to deeply entertain myself with them. They have been challenging for not only me, but for those in my close circle as well and are simply untrue and will unlikely be followed through. It is finally accepting the fact that I am stronger than I am and understanding that some words are what others don’t necessarily want to hear or when they think of me associate with what I am truly thinking or what could result in an otherwise unwanted situation.

2023 is going to be my year and I know I can do the things that I want to do if I allow myself to do them. It is mind power that makes things be what they are and come to fruition. It is being smarter and not harder when doing these things that I want to do so they can be followed through and eventually goals can be met. It is about having a better, healthier mindset about the future and what needs to happen in life to have a better outcome in the future.

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