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Understanding Your Body

As a neurodiverse person, it can be hard to understand your body. This can be hard in knowing what you can manage versus what you cannot. It can be challenging when entering a world that just isn’t made for the neurodiverse population.

It has been noted that an autistic body can endure so much more than a neurotypical person. This can make physical issues that one may have more intense because of not knowing that something needs attention until it becomes severe. I am one who can be a tough old bird when it comes to having things addressed with my body. Having a combination of autism and anxiety makes it more complex and challenging to keep and make appointments of physical health needs including routine care that need addressed.

The physical health world is just not made in many cases for neurodiverse individuals, There are challenges in nearly every obstacle where oftentimes people unknown to us are extremely right against our body. Especially if there is trauma or physical challenges, this makes it more difficult to maintain your composure even during simple medical procedures. Many times the physical health system is too overburdened to really accommodate our needs, let alone have a quality provider that can complete the procedures that are needed. This can inflict further trauma and provide extremely adverse outcomes. 

Honestly medical systems throughout the world need a complete overhaul, not only in meeting the needs of the neurodiverse population, but those with all challenges. It is not the fault of those providing the services. They often have managerial and governmental regulations that they need to adhere to. Reimbursement rates by insurers and other parties can often play into a provider choosing to accept a particular benefit or not, thus making the quality of care the most vulnerable, including many times the neurodiverse population sometimes substandard.

This is where the voices of the neurodiverse must advocate for quality services so our needs are met. Oftentimes, we do not want to go and get care unless it is absolutely necessary. Putting ourselves in peril and opening ourselves up to more challenging and traumatic experiences only set us back further in getting the care we need.We, just as much as our neurotypical peers are entitled to equal access and care regardless of the challenges we pose.

Just because we are “different” doesn’t mean that we should be treated as less than our neurotypical peers because we may be more challenging or have additional and sometimes unknown issues that need to be addressed. Believe me, if we don’t want to be there just as much or more as anyone else oftentimes. Prolonging issues and creating barriers to the care we need and deserve only make things more challenging in our everyday lives.

So please, when something needs to be addressed and you as an neurodiverse individual knows it needs attention, do your homework, seek out answers, explain everything and fight for your rights, health and safety so you do not fall victim to not having the care you need and deserve. More often than not you deserve the same care as your neurotypical peers and you shouldn’t submit yourself or go without having the things you know your body needs.

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