A Journal Entry

Remembering The Past. Being Grateful for Where I Am Today.

It can be hard for me sometimes to see through the mind fog that I am doing well for all the challenges I face in my life.

It takes looking back several decades to the person that once no one knew how to help,

Many saw the potential, but there were those “dark” moments from systems that were not properly up to speed with my fresh diagnosis. It was referred to films like Forrest Gump and Rain Man,

Both had their similarities, yet there were so many differences.

It took enduring challenging and traumatic situations, lots of learning, forgiveness and two parents who worked together despite the challenges doing what they thought was best.

Simply put, they, like the systems were uneducated and not updated to properly address my needs.

They made sure though that I had some sort of a resembled life and today it can be hard to see that all their support and encouragement for me to not give up is why I am where I am today.

In my late 30’s I am still learning and growing nearly every day and now at a better part in my journey, I am slowly piecing away at all traumatic, triggering, and resenting moments that can affect me to some degree even today so I can be even better.

It still takes us using our voices educating the systems what works and what doesn’t. The past is the past and what happened was mostly no one’s fault, but it is a duty within us to educate and advocate for what is needed so we are best served by all the systems and no longer seen as a burden,

It is making peace with my past, being stronger and learning from those moments that will make me a better person.

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