A Journal Entry

Adulting…Is Tough

When you are neurodivergent, being an adult is tough!

Understanding social pragmatics.

Creating, Defining and Respecting Boundaries

Knowing Your Inner Self

Trying to have a filter when you really want to say what’s on your mind.

Fearing every move.

These are some of the examples of why it can be hard to adult.

You have to meet expectations, norms, and sometimes be social.

I have come so far, but I am more realizing that it’s a part of life.

I can’t be the spoiled little brat my brain tells me to be anymore.

I must lead by the example I know that I can be.

Go through life as I can, ask for help or space when I need it.

Take time to decompress, recover from burnout.

Take care of me because I know myself best.

This thing called adulting, its only as bad as you make it.

It takes time, practice, but hopefully it will be second nature someday.

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