A Journal Entry

Early to Bed… Early to Rise

I took this picture almost 3 years ago.

Connellsville Veterans Memorial on an early January 2020 morning

I have grown immensely since then mentally.

So much has happened between the world and I.

But one thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that I like to start my day earlier than much of the world.

However it would take until recently to find that balance of knowing that I need to take care of myself so I can live my best life.

That means carving out my own schedule and being responsible for getting enough sleep, caring for my body the way it needs to be cared for and being happy just being myself.

It shouldn’t matter if it’s a thing to be popular about, stubborn or macho.

It’s about being an adult and having responsibility no matter.

It’s not having to matter what others do or whether or not it’s cool.

It’s about being well and able to do the things that you want in life while being your best self.

Be sure to have a good day today, take care of yourself and stay safe out there.

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