A Journal Entry

Accepting Things We Can’t Change.

Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control.

For an autistic person this can cause quite an upheaval.

Even today in my late 30s I have urges to react to situations beyond my control.

But I’ve learned that if I can’t control it, it doesn’t help to react.

Especially when it’s unpleasant for others already.

Airing your frustration only makes it more challenging for everyone it involves.

As long as I am safe and my needs are met, it’s often best to be gentle to myself and practice the coping skills necessary to get through it while supporting others as I can by leading by example.

Things happen… that’s no reason to be angry about things and especially if there’s little or no harm being done to you, in the end does all that griping really make a difference?

I can’t let changes to my schedule ruin my day.

Things happen.

I have done so much work on myself over the years to get where I am today.

It’s getting through the trenches of the day and making it the best I can for me and to support my colleagues as much as I can.

Have an awesome day today and stay safe out there

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