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Wellness Wednesday: Medication Milestone

Without much ado, many of my followers have withstood me throughout the struggles since literally the writing of my blog with my medication. I am proud to say that with all honesty, I only missed one dose in all of the last prescription box. This is a BIG achievement for me.

I often don’t like to pat myself on the back and give grace when I need to but I need to be honest and say that I have been extremely well when it has come to my medicine. It partly comes from the fact that I had to finally accept its necessity that I have long knew was proven, the myths that have been busted, the list goes on and on, I always knew it was the right decision to take my medicine.

It has been a month and even though I did miss one dose it is like the ninth day that I missed. It took me discovering my flaws and practicing radical acceptance for the things that I cannot control to the point of feeling sorry for myself and the life I must endure. In this holiday season there are SEVERAL reasons that I should be thankful and happy to be living the life that I am living. The things that would allow me to occupy my space were simply files in the ointment of the energy and misery of others. It was not how I wasn’t what I was truly feeling. I realized that I had to allow myself to experience what I truly feel and not allow myself to be entertained by non-essential negativity.

Part of realizing my barriers to keeping on my medication regimen was the fact to know my problem areas of when I am likely to miss doses of my medication. Likewise, it took me to understand the fact that I needed to fill the voids in my schedule with activities that I could find entertaining. This meant using all resources that I have at my disposal for entertainment purposes, including those that I am paying for and are remaining stagnant. 

There can also be useful operant rewards as a way of acknowledging my way to get through the week and realizing that I need to acknowledge the battle I had to endure as many adults will do something like watch a movie or a TV show like anyone else and I am not any different. I as an adult have the freedom to do the things in my home as I see fit and necessary to fill the void, barring any essential needs that need completed.

We are never shooting for perfect when shooting for a medication regimen as we are all human and no one is made perfect. As one of my beloved high school teachers quoted once, “stuff happens” and I will always remember that because things happen in our lives, but working on tackling my barriers in order to prevent the issues from even arising is key. I have continually felt that I needed that life lesson in my life because of past childhood behaviors and lessons, but now nearly four years into living into living on my own, I have came to realize the ill effects of not taking the medication I was fighting  

I feel better mentally and physically and I can do things much better. I am starting to realize that in the course of nearly the first two years, freedom arrived, fastly revolved and crashed, then it took time to rebuild where I wanted to be in life, not just with the medication, but everything that I was battling. It is not a complete process. It is getting better, but having the meds back more in my life helps in making those choices more sound and steady. 

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