A Journal Entry

Change in routine for Autistics can be a Challenge.

Change in routine for Autistics can be a Challenge.

If you let it be.

I must say, I do better with it than I used to.

But my inner voice still struggles.

To grasp the why and how.

And fear if I am overreacting to the change.

When something we have in our routine does not happen the way we want it to.

Or that something has been changed from the way we are used to and have to make an extra effort for something to happen.

Even if I get what I need and somewhat want for the most part

Yet, I feel that is not EXACTLY what I planned I wanted.

And cannot see it as good enough or of a future opportunity.

We live in a constant state of self-doubt and wonder when it doesn’t go our way.

And Anger when things change even for the better.

But these are small things in my life and I cannot let them ruin my day.

I have to move and make the best of the time left in the day.

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