A Journal Entry

Sometimes You Just Know.

The holiday season can be very challenging for me if I allow it to be.

There’s a lot of uncertainty to things that is not something that I like.

That can come from people and things in all sorts of roles and ways,

As things somewhat get back to a “new normal” and I begin to learn more about myself, I am beginning to learn that I cannot do everything that I set to do.

I also am learning to work at being better at foods that help me manage my behavior that do not become a culprit for me to react more intensely that I need to in instances of sudden change or transitions as happened yesterday.

It’s getting rest yesterday and into the night and waking up this morning knowing that you need a day to yourself to regroup because you have to prepare for things that cause you additional stimulation and could lead to sensory overload.

You know that having those experiences several days in a row is not healthy, at least this year after not being in this pattern for the first time in several years.

Its slowly working at getting better and working on what you need to.

I know that my absence will be likely be missed or talked about, however I know I would not be my best today or could have reacted negatively ruining the occasion, so please understand that there hopefully will be more times for me to celebrate special occasions as I adjust into a new and better pattern of living.

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