A Journal Entry

Weekly Reset

For half of the past weekend, my anxiety was in overdrive, kicking into flight mode because I want to run from reality. It also hurts when you realize how someone really was that you thought was there for you, but in the same turn they did quite the opposite. That’s what making connections as an autistic man so difficult and hard to rebuild time and time again.

Morning Reflection

Yesterday, I took a little trip into town to reflect on what I have in life and know that things that I think are so bad really aren’t that bad, they are just minor inconveniences in the journey of life.

We rebuild from them, we conquer our fears and we move forward being ourselves and focusing on our journey for what it is, you have to put your needs first and be there for you, not to be in the flow that can be detrimental to your mental health or the challenges you face.

I learned recently from my last meltdown over a year ago and realize that I have moved on from that and never want to experience it again, even though conditions can be ripe for that to happen, I must focus the energy on my needs and do what is right for me, not for the popularity of the crowd. I must be grateful for what I have because I am so blessed to have what I have in life and do the things I can do. That is something we all need to remember in life as we start our week.

Have a good week!

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