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Wellness Wednesday: Appreciating Non-Scale Victories

Recently, because of the efforts I have put forth in working towards losing weight to being healthier, I am beginning to see some Non-Scale Victories (NSVs). Non-scale victories, also known as NSVs, are health improvements that result from small life changes. They may go unnoticed if you’re only focused on the scale as a measure of your success. A bathroom scale shows a number — a snapshot of your weight at a given moment on a given day. 

It has been because I have made a decision to make things better on the wellness front. From one who drank several liters of Coca-Cola daily and lacking the ability to be accountable for the food and beverages that I was putting in my mouth along with make very unhealthy food choices that were harsh on my body, I am now seeing the benefits of doing so pay off in the long term and it isn’t just being focused on that number on the scale. In fact, I rarely look at the scale because it drives my anxiety and if I stay away from it, I know I have to focus on making wise food choices because my body needs it and it will not react adversely by my not being conscious of what my health needs are.

One of the most proud and noticeable non-scale victories that I continually experience is the belt on my jeans. One of the most important things of being a large man is having the ability to hold your pants from falling down and causing some unsightly sights that no one wants to see and a belt is one of the most essential devices in helping me maintain that. The last few belts I had were too big and I realized that I needed to buy a new one. Once I got the new one, probably over a month ago, I could barely get it buckled in the first loop. Now I am proud to say that I am comfortably able to get placed in the third beltoop, This means that there is progress and what I am doing works.

What has also been proven is the fact that now when doing Wellness Wednesday walks with the day program, my time has been improving and I am less out of breath and able to keep up with others much better than I did in the beginning. Having the opportunity to get out and be more active as the weather has been getting more summerlike and desirable to get out and about is paying off. 

In my walks on the rail trail, I am able to increase my distance I walk without having the need to stop and one of the prouder moments is when we reach the trailhead, I do not have a need to stop to rest before proceeding a few hundred yards to the car, Many times I am able to make it from the start to our turnaround destination without being out of breath or needing to stop at a bench. We recall the days when there was only one or two benches on the trail we frequent where now over two decades since the trail has been built, there have been many more benches constructed at more frequent intervals. I continue to give my gratitude to those who donate to the cause of having these constructed and the students from the local career and technical center for making these awesome devices possible.

Realizing these small improvements to my body have made me feel so much prouder about myself and make me want to continue to fight the fight. I realize that having an excess of diet soda is not a viable option. I am continuing by decreasing my dependence on it and trying to incorporate water into my daily regimen when possible/ I know there are many benefits to having water and I am surprised that drinking Ice water is not really that bad. I am trying slowly but surely to improve my health for the better and eventually the numbers on th scale will be better too.

They say that losing weight is 90% mental thought and 10% work. I firmly believe that now because If the things that I know I need to do didn’t “click”, by now we would be back where we started Having the NSVs help with morale and wanting to keep going with the process as many with that mindset claim to help them. I know this is the life I have to strive to work towards now and it is imperative for me to work on a healthier me!

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