West Yough Bride March 2022
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Wellness Wednesday: Slow Progress Is Best

The past week in the Wellness realm has been more focused on making small changes and realizing that those matter than the number on the scale. While seeing numbers on the scale drop, it is equally as important to begin to make small changes so that we are not hit hard on in the future.

As we are in the 9th day of March, I have been more on-point to be more in control of the things that pass my lips. As I have learned, being accountable gives you a picture of what you are actually putting in your body and you can take responsibility for making a change. As such I got out the materials that I have had for many years and discovered what I needed to do to set calorie limits to lose a slow but steady amount of weight, because it is easier to do that than literally starve myself and lose significant amounts of weight to only put it back on.

Also as I mentioned last week, there has been more focus on limiting my soda intake and focusing more on drinking water. I have for sure been drinking more water and not as much soda and I realize that just doing that alone is not a quick fix for improving overall health, it is a start in the right direction because I have been doing quite the opposite for the length of my current living situation, Yes, being autitic draws a sense of an addictive personality, but it has been getting better in regards as to not having so much of the sodas that I once consumed excessively in the amounts of several liters daily. Again, it’s not about how fast you get to where you want to be, but how you do it that will set the tone for it working in the long run.

Being mindful of the drinks I have been consuming in concert with being more accurate in my food journaling has helped me in measuring my food portions and practicing wiser portion control because I only have so many calories to work with on a daily basis and my goal is to not go over the set amount for each day. Incorporating healthy food options while lessening calorie laden drinks has helped in this effort and I am seeing the fruits of my labor pay off.

Also stated last week has been my efforts to be more regimented as far as my medication and remembering to take it at its prescribed times. Many times I want to blame them for not being able to do the things I want to do. In my honest opinion I believe that being accountable and taking them at the prescribed intervals has helped me so far this month be more alert and on task. I need to quit using the excuses of being sleepy, I also know when I do not take them that I am all over the place and very animated, so for now until the situation needs to be reevaluated, it is all I can do and it works.

Lasty, doing all the aforementioned things gives the ability to be physically active. I have mentioned this week that I have been getting out more and as a result is a driver to being more active. It gives a sense of accomplishment and achievement that I did something to improve my physical health and seeing the results on my FitBit in concert of putting the things that pass my lips is helping me become overall well.

Doing all of these things are a recipe for success and making sure that I continue down the journey that I want to go down and not go backwards as I have done for several years. The choice is indeed mine and what I do is my choice, being slow at making progress is better than the all or nothing mindset.

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