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A Different Approach In An Ever-Changing World

In an ever-changing world, life presents challenges for everyone. In an autistic world, these challenges can be amplified because in the big scheme of things they are really hard and bigger than what they seem, when in reality they can be a really small roadblock that may require a detour in our journey.

2022 has seemed to be very challenging on all fronts. Not that it’s been bad. For one reason or another, the pandemic is still looming and we cannot change that. It does have its effects on the realms I am involved in, but I know that I must be resilient. However, to transition from a break over the holidays back into the world that seemed to shut down in some sense in late November early December is an adjustment that hasn’t been easy.

Getting back to doing things that need to be done is something I understand that must be done. As such, I do well with understanding the need to get things done and prioritizing the needs. I have also done other things to keep me occupied in the course of the days that I am not engaged with work or day program. As I am regimented with my routine, I am also recognizing the need to relax more and recharge from the overwhelming effects of the day’s activities when necessary.

Adjustment to things that we at times do not prefer or have no control in happening are a part of life and I guess that they have to be expected given the circumstances of what life brings. It doesn;t make them easy, but we have to look at the big scale of things and put it in perspective. Is it really that bad? How much of a detriment is it going to put in my day? Sometimes it is good to live a little and do things differently. While it may be rough at first to muddle through and accept the changes that are sometimes not experienced by you, but others as well, it can be a learning experience for everyone involved. You can offer your feedback, if offered and appropriate and make necessary changes for you to adapt if that option is available.

Sometimes we have to expand our horizons to meet a goal that we need to meet because the way we have approached it for sometimes a decade or more is no longer fruitful. Sometimes accepting things that you may not think will work for the situation will have an absolute success out of pure luck. It doesn’t hurt to try something different or new that you may think won’t work if you have been set in your ways for over a decade. As they say, everything changes and sometimes it becomes necessary from powers above to change the way we do things. While it may be difficult to accept the change at first because we may be so regimented, given practice, it becomes easier to accept. If the change is proven successful in one way, it may not be the proven way in a similar situation, Adapting to a multitude of situations can be difficult and is never easy. But, who would have ever thought that we would have had to endure the challenges that COVID has presented us? While nearly two years later they continue to not be easy, it doesn’t say that we can’t at least try new things to see if they can be a success.

As an autistic man in my mid-30’s I know changing things in the way they operate is never easy. I also know that if something that has been happening for over a decade is no longer fruitful or successful in the manner that it once was, then it needs to be changed so that it has some merit of staying alive to some degree. I have endured so many changes in my life, especially in the past year and a half that I thought would never happen. I know that I have come a long way from that dark place and that If I was still there or at the midpoint with my family, it would present more challenges if that living situation would continue to occur. As I write this I know that positive vibes are coming down the pike for making changes to things I know that I thought some days ago would never happen.

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