Opening for the TV-Show 'As We See It" on Amazon Prime
Adulting, Independence

Adulting: Lucky

As many that are involved in the autism community know, Amazon’s new series As We See It premiered at the end of last week. This one was known to be more authentic because it featured autistc characters portraying autitic roles. It also had a very neurodiverse staff too. As much as I wanted to see it through,  I couldn’t. 

I highlighted as to why in a post on my Facebook and Instagram after and will spend this post describing it more because I feel that it had an effect on me realizing just how lucky I have been over my adult years to have the opportunities presented to me in my life. Seeing an example of the three principal autistic characters has taught me the simple fact that I am lucky that I did not have to experience any of those examples or I have overcome them in later years. Seeing those three examples, while triggering and traumatic to some degree, made me stim and made me not take for granted the things I have.

In comparison, yes these individuals portrayed are a decade younger than I and were of some skill needed than I, but even in the course of that time I have grown so much more. Yes, I long for those things that many autistics do, and I feel they will come within time. But, I have to still ground myself in working in some more of those things in life. I know I need to do some more things as an autistic man  and given the opportunity, can do so well. 

Seeing a small glimpse of this series, while traumatic, has taught me that I must take care of myself mentally and physically. Understand the need that while keeping social norms, know that I need to extend myself into territory that may seem uneasy and given the proper skillset and enough practice, will excel at it and it will become like second nature to me.

I have recalled in the past almost 19 years of therapy of things I have worked out to overcome. Going to a day program, getting a real job, going to trade school and community college, becoming independent and having a driver’s license. While I do know that every autistic will not be able to complete the opportunities that I have. Even looking back further to when an intrastate or out-of-state placement was being considered, I need to pay homage for my parents who wanted to keep me locally at home to assure that I could return home once I was safe and got the care that I needed.

Autism is not easy no matter where an autistic person lies within the spectrum. Through the naked eye, I could be perceived so much as a neurotypical, but many times I owe my autism as I feel that those who need to seek the proper accommodation should. I have learned so much over the past two decades and while I do not intend to toot my own horn to show you where I am as compared to others. 

I do so to tell you that some kind of growth in autistic individuals no matter how big or small is progress. It may take time for you to reach your point you want to be, and there may be some setbacks along the way, but don’t kick yourself in the rear as they are part of the bigger plan. Sometimes it means that you have to take things one day and even one hour at a time. Before you get to the big picture, you need to break it down into little chunks and maybe you will become more luckier than you will ever come to know.

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