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Wellness Wednesday: You Can Give Me All The Tools, But I Must Use Them

As many start off 2022 with a resolution to lose weight, I have that plan too asI have had 2 decades ago when I weighed 100 pounds less than I do now. I know I did alot in 2021 to get a fresh start but I must continue to blend what I have learned with what I know I need to do.

The responsibility lies within myself to control what I am inserting into my body. That is controlled by measuring and documenting specifics of the things I need to to not only see the process doing what I need to do, but seeing that progress can indeed be made by doing what is necessary. Sometimes doing what is necessary versus what is convenient isn’t always the preferred choice to do . There are many times I just want to get online and order something to be delivered to my house because it is easy and there and tastier than what is better healthwise. It is a big step for me to accept this fact but the journey as I closed on the first full week of 2022 was fruitful as I lost 6.4 pounds. 

I did hit the trail some due to some nice weather we had although this week doesn’t look as promising as last week did. However, the principal of my weight loss work lied within the efforts of controlling my portions of what I was eating through the course of the week. As I mentioned last week, I refrained from eating entire packages of food as I did previously, which I am sure helped. I also learned to keep myself busy throughout the week by communicating with others, watching YouTube Videos, doing work to keep up the house, etc. Keeping busy is critical to deterring me from the attraction of the kitchen and the temptation it offers. I won’t say it was easy, but I mostly stayed out of it and didn’t bother snacking too much.

Yes, I ate fast food a few times last week. I allowed myself one scheduled delivery meal, and the last two times it has been Jalapeno Chicken and I get the soda I need for the day to supplement the delivery minimum. I also went out a few times in the course of the week, one of those meals I did not go back to the counter to redeem my sundae coupon or use the remainder of my gift card to purchase take-home Ice Cream (Big Win, or Non-Scale Victory as it is called in some arenas I am in.) 

Also what had helped me was the fact that I planned the meals around my schedule, where I would be and if meals would be offered at those facilities, as it sometimes is. If two meals were offered, I chose to pick one and not both, having one at home or or an alternative of the main course of the other. 

As far as my soda addiction, I am working on limiting it from as bad as it once was. I have gone from over 4 liters a day (I lost count at the amounts above that to 2 or a little over two liters a day. I know it is a tedious process and it will take time to get down to the level that is ultimately healthy (and hopefully one day none). I know that I must find out what drives it and that will take some work to do. Regardless it is a new week and I must work on combating the addiction more by slowly squelching the addiction fluid ounce by fluid ounce.

Wellness Kit

This week, I received a box at my house from my medicaid insurer that had a host of products that are intended to keep me healthier. They included a blood pressure cuff, digital scale, toothbrushes, and a host of things to keep me safe from COVID. While many can agree that all these tools are important to being healthy, it doesn’t go without saying that you can be provided all the tools to energize your weight loss journey and make it work, but YOU have to do what YOU need to do to put that effort in.

Lost 6,4 Pounds this week, 20 since my highest in March 2021

Over the past weekend, I shared about the efforts I had put in my weight loss the past week and the remarks that I received on their was astonishing and congratulatory in so many ways. Just the reactions people sent said volumes about the effort that I put in last week and how it paid off in the course of a  week. It goes to prove that by me (and my mom helping to some extent) doing what was necessary to be active, I indeed know what works and just if I put my brain together and do what is right, I can lose the weight.

I don’t know where my weight loss journey will take me in 2022. I am not even going to guess where. I am just going to put in the work that I know I need to and see where it takes me. I have some goals and plans once the weather breaks more and daylight becomes longer, but we will have to wait and see where destiny takes us.

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