Early 2022 Sunrise
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Wellness Wednesday: Small Changes to Start 2022

Sugar, Sugar how I love thee should be the theme song to my life. For over a decade battling a sugar addiction has been the forefront of my life. I have heard my fair share over the years of how bad it is, particularly in beverage form mixed with caffeine in my diet. While I do recognize the fact that I will never eradicate it totally from my diet, I can certainly accept the fact that I need to immensely cut back from the levels I was consuming in 2021.

I know it seems cheesy (a habit I nearly broke in 2021) to set a resolution, but many set challenges for what they plan to conquer in the new year. Whatever it may be, and whether it sticks long term is within the willingness of a person. I have many ideas to adapt to a a life in what is the normalcy that we are facing presently and the fact that I have to make it what it is right now. Part of that is the need to be serious about my health and the need to cut back on the food just because it is there or I pass the opportunity to want something.

One of these moments occurred a few weeks ago on Christmas Eve. As many know, my mother and I were walking on the local rail trail and I had slightly mentioned about going to the gas station on the way home to get a drink on the way to her house. As we finished the walk, I didn’t even mention it because I wanted to set myself up to plan the rebirth in this new year of my wellness not all about the food. The same can be said this past weekend when I brought home my groceries from shopping. Even  when I lived with my parents, the first habit I would dive into would be breaking open the deli bag and just eating a slice of cheese and meat, just to see “if it was good.” I now know no matter what it is, there is nothing that can be done whether or not the items in those deli bags are going to satisfy me, they just numb my feelings.

In the sugar realm, in recent months I could be overly attracted to Ice Cream, to the point that I would eat the entire half-gallon in one sitting, as I did that and many things.I would make the reference of joining the “half gallon” club, coined of hikers of the Appalachian Trail who reach the midpoint in Pennsylvania and award themselves by consuming a half gallon of Ice Cream. Well, I did not hike over 1,000 miles to earn that half gallon of Ice Cream. This year, and I know it early, I am learning to put the lid, seal the container, whatever it may be on food that I have known to consume entire containers of. This is a big accomplishment for me as being independent doesn’t male me feel as judged about my actions. However, as I wake up each morning, I have made myself accountable to the scale in my bedroom, because for now it is what I have to face and it makes me accountable for my actions. Additionally keeping a food diary of what I am consuming (as it is part of my weight loss support group that is on hold due to COVID) is another pillar of accountability for me and while I know It will not be deeply investigated, just being responsible and being accountable to the planner of every bite, lick and taste that I have been consuming the last few months lets me see what the big picture is as far as what I am consuming and what to be aware of what needs work.

I know I have been battling my sugary beverage addiction for quite some time now and that I am the only one that has to fight the demons that are presented to me each time I face them. I have acknowledged last week that I had a really bad addiction and as of last weekend cut my consumption in half for the week. It seems to be going well, only having those tempting beverages with meals, when they should be served with other foods. I am now focusing on eating to live and not living to eat . Yes I need to work on other areas of my wellness as I am working on my mental and spiritual health too this new year by introducing new daily activities in my daily regimen so that I can be well all around and grounded where I haven’t been the past three years. I have lived and learned from those experiences and it is time to move on from them. They were good learning experiences to realize that I do not want to get into that frame of mind like I was, not consuming so much sugary beverages aids that effort immensely.

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