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Adulting: Being Proud of Your Talents

Being an autistic adult, I always want to throw a pity party about how bad life is for me. Sometimes, all it takes is a good therapy session for someone to remind me of all the talents I have and how I yet shy away from showing who my true self is so others can applaud my efforts that I do for the community both far and wide.

Things for me in life in my autistic journey always came natural. While writing my blogs each week seems like it has a natural flow, it wasn’t until a rehab worker suggested that I use this talent as an expressive way during COVID. Yes, I wrote pieces here and there, but when I was at my point of crisis last year, it was something that filled the void of time when things were pretty stale and looked hopeless. My specialist told me that I have a lot to offer the world and with that in mind has set my blog off over a year ago to what has become a more steady thing for me.

Two decades ago when social media wasn’t yet created, I was experiencing some pretty troubling behaviors and was on the brink of being institutionalized. At that point, I didn’t even know if I would be sharing a home with both of my parents because they were at odds on how to care for me to make sure that I was safe. Back then, as it is today, ensuring that I get the care I need is still their concern. As such, they want me to continue as much as possible to have the opportunities to explore my talents and continue to be able to do things that I enjoy.

Sometimes, when I show others my pictures of places I visit, people are amazed that I still have both my parents. More recently, it makes me realize how blessed I am to have both caring parents in my life that support me in my endeavors and don’t let me give up on them. Even though we do at times continue to have our disagreements on things, I know they got my back and what me at times to share in the same opportunities that they like me to share with them in.

As such, one of those talents that sort of disappeared during the COVID-19 Pandemic was that of my knack for photography. Because of the issues to mainly remain at home, this interest got knacked at times, although it has its bursts of energy like at this time of year, because Fall is my favorite season, I need to realize that I need to improve on this hobby and become more active in it because it is therapeutic for me and makes me feel good in the process.

Then there are numerous other talents that I do on the side. Social media has been for me a great invention that helps me out so much to do some of the things that I like to do. I have gone back to college (from the inspiration of another person on the spectrum I met.) and learned many tools of the trade to put my passions for the things I like to write and share my passions and interests about to work. Sometimes, my confidence and self-esteem can be very low and therefore I don’t want to take credit for what I do.  You could say that the prodigy of autistic self is shown when I become very knowledgeable of the things around me and I am doing the good deed of wanting my fellow community members, near and far, to be aware of what is going on in their little corner of the world. 

I encourage anyone becoming involved in an autistic person’s journey to be aware of the good that they can do in their life and realizing the talents that they do and encouraging them to give them a pat on the back, because many times they (including myself) don’t want to think that it is a good thing to see in a world that was designed to fix the many flaws rather than to seek out the positive qualities in a person I count my blessings everyday to have the knack to be able to have the talents and abilities that I have, but I also realize that I need to give myself the recognition that I need to for myself so that I know that I am a valued person to so many.

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