Love on the Spectrum the Second Season

Review: Love On The Spectrum – Season 2

Note: This is a Review of the newly released second season of the Austrailian-Based Netflix Series “Love on the Spectrum.” If you have yet to watch it, below the photo will contain some spoilage, so be governed accordingly.

“Love on the Spectrum” Season 2 cast (Image via Netflix/ YouTube)

Even though there is still a Worldwide pandemic, that didn’t stop the second season of Love on The Spectrum from being filmed in Austrailia. While there was a majority of new autistics in the series, the continued variety of autistics was again prevelent in this season. However, being as such, that didn’t disappoint in what is finding true love and having your dreams come true

Returning to the show this season was Michael, who continues to try his luck at speed dating events, although he goes to a open event while engaging with many neurotypicals that present many challenges for him, he has an encounter with another autistic. They seem to hit it off, however he questions how many matches she had recieved at the event. When she states that was matched with him and two others, compared to him only being matched with her, he is taken aback. They take turns inviting each other into their seperate houses, however the woman is consumed with her life and in the end they agree to be friends, with Michael taking a back seat from the datung scene for some time.

Also back on the show was Mark, who had a few dates,. He goes on yet another few dates with another woman, and even brings her to his family’s home for the holidays, however at the end of the show, he, like Michael decides it is best to be friends. As in the first season, we see many of the cast deciding to just become friensds and that is OK. Personally, I always feel it is valuable to gain friends as someone to rely on. In this season, this is highlighted more as the cast will rely on their friends, both of the autistic and neurotypical variety for insight of romantic adivce and guidance on how to procure relationships.

While the majority of those featured on the series are newcomers, it should be noted that there is more inclusiveness of autistics that dually identify as LGBT+. The show features two indivudals that identify as Bisexual. As such, as dating can be a very precarious situaltion, the same can be said for knowing who they are attaced to. For example, Teo starts the season dating a man, and they do relate and hit it off well. She has decided this season to explore both men and women,. For a second date, she dates a woman and they hit it off,but she states in the date that she is Bisexual and her date specifies that she identifes as Lesbian. Teo, becomes friends with the male date and is taking it slow with her new partner. The same can be said for newcomer Jayden, who also identifies as Bisexual. He also has a younger autistic brother who he reveals is Gay. As Teo did, Jayden began ths season dating a woman, and they become friends. The next date is with a male, and they hit it off, taking it slow.

Also highlighted is Kassandra, who abruply ends the first date after experiencing a panic attack and goes on a seond where they both reveal both their anxiety and bicurious tendancies. Anxiety as in many autistics plays a big role in the dates, however the show does better this year, allowing breaks as needed as compared to the last season. Although, many times it can seem as the dates are presemted because of how autistic people need conversations are needed to be engaged

A new person to the show is Ronan, who has more challenges than most on the spectrum, but he doesnt let the challenges bring him down. He finds love with a girl and they go on several dates, The show teaches viewers that autistics, regardless of comorbidities or challanges can happen and wishes do come true. It should be noted that most of the cast live with their famiy, with the exception of Teo who is in a group home, although she is in contact with her family and of course returning cast members Jimmy and Shanae.

Since the last season, couple Shanae and Jimmy have since became engaged, What is highlighted well in a couple scene isthe fact that they each have their interests and can be focused on them, despite having an attraction for each other. Jimmy, Shanae and her mother travel to Las Vegas and Los Angeles in the states for two weeks while Jimmy is on the Austrailian Pool Championship and they return to a wedding, of which the season closes of a traditional wedding that would be determined by many to break societal norms.


4.5/5 – The show did well in showing all ranges of the spectrum and many sexual identies, specifically the idea that one may be bicourious and not know whether they are attracted to the opposite gender or the same gender, as this is becoming more common among autistics in these times. It shows that love and even marrriage is possible for those on the spectrum. However, I am still not as keen on how dates are set up and a the matchmaking is done, as this is not a cultrul norm in the US. However, I am hoping for another season of Love On The Spectrum.

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