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Adulting: Task Management

One of the things I hear from parents of children with Autism that have those reciprocal fears of their autistic child living alone is that of the ability to perform simple tasks without prompts. While some with autism are pre-programmed to make lists, there are still a host of autidtic individuals that for the life of them cannot fathom the ability to ensure that all the tasks they need to do in order to have a functional life cannot be assured, even as they prepare for independence by living with family or another similar situation.

Myself included as we continue within the realms of a pandemic that can change the course of what we do from instance to instance, I realized that I needed to come up with a strategy to ensure that I didnt falter and become one of the statistics as I am slowly realizing that I may possibly have other neurodiverse conditions such as ADD or ADHD, but that’s here or there.

In this week’s blog post, I will dedicate the remainder of this space to share with my community some of the
“hacks” I do in order to ensure that my life runs smootly as it possibly can. Now I cannot say whether or not it will work for you or not, but this is what works for me and I feel that I can share some of my tools in order to help my fellow members of my community out

1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar

This is the backbone of how I connect tothe outside world whether it be virtually or in-person. Using Google Calendar can set remidners, locations, links, etc. and it the backbone of knowing whether or not I have another committment. It also be linked up with other tools such as Outlook so I can see with my work calendar if I have a conflicting event and if one needs to be changed, schedule its priority.

2. Google Tasks and Taskboard

Google Tasks Lists of Google Calendar

A branch of Google Calendar, Google Calerndar acts as your connected “to-do” list and cam help you completer everyday tasks, those that you need to do only a few days a week, month or once a year. It helps by sending a reminder to your phone as a push notofication with the ability to mark down if the tasks have been completed, On the list you have the ability of the task occuring on a certain day or days of the week and further by a certain time of the day, a very helpful tool indeed. Taskboard meanwhile can help you by synchronizing all your list and putting them side by side so you can see “the big pictire.” In both tools tools, you can move items from list to list if necessary.

Taskboard App

3. Markerboards

Big Markerboard

Markerboards are a valuable resource to the autistic person. You can make matrixes and make plans to do things as I do for my platforms amd what I want to work on in that aspect or reminders to do certain things.

Meal Markerboard

Another Favorite with a marker board for me is meal planning, This Doillar Store Marker Board helps me in regards to knowing what meals are covered verses what meals I need to prepare for

Markerboard Calendar

.A recent markerboard favorite is that I learned from another blogger is that with one of those you can find at the Five Below and that is in this everchanging world where you are going for the day. This is good also for those in school because many schools have cycle system,s that can mean that certain classes or things are on certain days of the week or some just have certain things on certain days. We cant rule out those days where we have doctor’s appoimntments also.

4. Paper Calendars

The Good ole’ Paper Calendar

Similar to its markerboard counterpart. This is a way to make track of more important things like those therapy sessions and doctor’s appointments if you need to see them without a device. Having a device, I use my calendar to trackdown what time of day I take my medications as I struggle with that because I have to know when I am in leeway for it to have its best effect.

Velcro Strips come in handy to ensure neatness!

because I struggle with handwriting (as many with autism do) and in a effort to keep my walls with minimal tears, I use Commanrd Velcro strps to each side of both the markerboard and the wall to ensure neatness and accuracy to these documents. They may cost more, but they are worth it for me!

5. Paper Lists

These are helpful when starting the day and there’s a project or similar tasks that are needed to be worked on. For me as this one picture on this blog is an otuline of this blog post because I didnt want to miss any points, don’t worry I had to write more on the back.

6. Smart Speakers

Many Smart Speakers have productivity tools sucg as setting timers and alarms, organizaiton or reminders as well and can sound with your Calendar Apps if linked. Manty also come equipped with a built in shopping list wiich can make shoppng a breeze when you are already in a hurry to get out. Speakers can also be linked with other systems and spearkers to ensure that you don t forget anything

These are just a few of the tools of my trade that are essential in gettting through my life . They are not an end all catch all but by me sharing them, hopefully they may become a stepping stone in making someone become more successful in becoming a independent adult/.

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