Wellness Wednesday Favorites
Union Station Weekly

Union Station News; Volume 1, Issue 5; August 13, 2021

Note: As part of my Day Program, I contribure to the program’s newsletter. In june 2021, that Newsletter transitoned to a monthly basis as much of the elements of the program are back to a in-person status.

Idle Summer

2021 was probably one of the most idle summers I ever spent. I would say that It was better than last year because we are at a point right now that we don’t have to wear masks, plus the world is more open than it was last year. However, there are many issues with supply and demand in getting what people need to get from point A to point B along the things necessary to make the summer go smoothly.
For me, I still experience anxiety in doing things out of my comfort zone that I did before the pandemic I feel as if I have regressed with my outward expression of being in the community, but I am certain I will once again build up the comfort level necessary to get out of my normal spaces without assistance.

Clubhouse Works if You Work It!

I have been a member of the Clubhouse for over a decade. In that time, I have accomplished many things, however, many of them I did without much effort or with the help of others. There was very little that I could honestly say that the Clubhouse has not fullyassisted me in. I have had many goals at the Clubhouse, but nothing has proved well as the last two goals because they are what is key to
having independence.

For as long as I can remember, I struggled with being in the Clubhouse kitchen for one reason or another. Maybe it was the level of attention and communication I needed to have to be successful. Maybe it was in having a good mix of peers to work alongside with, something I didn’t excel well with until after being here for over a decade. Or maybe it was the ability for my one-on-one to understand how much support and a calculated process I need in order to make a success.

Getting in a commercial kitchen with little knowledge is scary. However, moving into my new home last year during a COVID resurgence taught me how to read directions on product and cook simple things so I could eat as a lot of things have changed since my last independent experience.

Getting into the Clubhouse kitchen and honing in on my cooking skills has transferred well at home. I am now cooking meals instead of prepackaged items or dining out. I am feeling confident with several kitchen appliances and tools and leaning how to use them with the assistance of staff working alongside me, at my level so I can understand the directions given to me in the manner I need so the food is cooked successfully.

I am grateful for the Clubhouse staff and fellow members we have now as many have helped
me in making the transition from being someone who feared cooking to someone that is easing into eating healthier. I know this isn’t over for me, but I am proud of the ability of what I have done this far and how successful I have been.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Just last year I didn’t think I could learn to use a broom until my new home was has an all-tile floor and sweeping with a broom became necessary to be independent. Likewise, with cooking, in today’s world if you want tasty and healthy food, you have to learn how to make it and for it to be completely cooked so you can thoroughly enjoy it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! That is what the staff at the Clubhouse are there for. They also want you to succeed in life as well as I have. Be active in your goals and notes at the Clubhouse because as I always say, as with any mental health treatment, you are in the driver’s seat of where you want to go in life. Don’t stop fighting for what you want or know what you can do, the possibilities are endless. You have to be that one that makes the decision of what you want to do in life.

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