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Wellness Wednesday: The Need to Be Active

This past week has been a learning lesson for sure. I did walk some, but I didn’t walk to the degree that I had in the past weeks. On top of that my food choices were not that great. I have been for the past few weeks on a slippery slope with my weight loss, and as a result, I broke my fifteen-week losing streak and gained some of the weight back. The principal factor of me doing this was due to the fact that I have chosen to not be as active and allow me to overeat too much of the not so good foods with just making up any sort of rationale that I could satisfy myself with.

I have learned that if I remain in my home without being active in some form, whether that is going to day program, work or just walking or exercising that I will be sluggish and make excuses for not becoming active. I will do something, but it usually involves the eating or drinking of food product in the process. I know it isn’t the thing to do. I have realized that I need to remain active as much as I possibly can otherwise, I am dormant and can get into an eating binge that isn’t fruitful. It has proven that by the amount of weight I have gained in the past week. I have owned it. I know I did it and it doesn’t frustrate me. I guess I don’t know what emotion to show when it happens. I know it is wrong and there is some remorse, but who do I have to prove that to other than myself because I am the one who is at the driver’s seat of what I put in my mouth and what I do.

I made countless excuses for not being active and not making the right choices. I have been doing so well with the weight loss thing and I guess I at one point had a careless attitude because all I did was remain in my home glued to the phone making excuses of why or why not to do, eat and drink things that weren’t helpful to my weight loss journey. I know I have done well so far and that I need to keep going. I think in a way I was frustrated that I wasn’t stopping and that I wanted to enjoy some of the free time I didn’t have that I was using by walking instead. I know that was a mistake because I was unable to expend the calories that I put in my body without thinking and the balance was uneven, thus causing the weight gain.

I don’t want to be a failure, yet I know that I can’t strive for perfection. If I gain once, it’s OK, but we must pick ourselves back up, brush the dirt off of our shoulders and rebuild the broken flaws we caused in the process of bringing us down. I know I need to be healthier. There are things I want to do and I know I haven’t been putting in all the energy that I need to in order to lose the weight. It can be so easy to say that I just want to stop walking and being mindful of what I consume. However, in the eyes of all that I inspire, I would be seen as the one who did it and gave up after falling down. I know if I put my mind to it, I can do it. Many of the things in my life I have done, yet had anxieties, concerns, or flawed thoughts about, I have excelled and loved doing once I did it. I know I need to lose weight. I am excessively overweight. I also know that due to the medication that I am on I will always be considered overweight. For my weight loss support group, I had to set a goal by the doctor (my choice) which him and I worked on a number that was something that worked yet wasn’t absurd to be at or was too easy.

If losing weight was easy, there would be a number of people not with health issues, Today’s society doesn’t make it easy for us to lose weight because temptation is all around us. With the oppressive summer weather and the advancement of air conditioning, it can be very easy to stay indoors, but I know that won’t solve any of my weight or health issues and that it is necessary to go and put effort to burn off those calories that I put on so that I can continue back on the journey I made a stop on.

This weekend I will be attending the International Convention virtually for my weight loss support group. The cost was inexpensive and I don’t need to leave my home to do it, so it is a win-win. It is something I can do without the effort of others, and I need the encouragement and support of my fellow brethren across the continent so I can have some hints on continuing my journey. Your life and health are a journey that must be taken seriously because we don’t know when we could leave this world or something could happen that make us less capacitated in not being able to do things, so we must enjoy the time we have.

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