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PRODUCT REVIEW: Assistance Cards by

Greetings Everyone

Dustin from Dustin’s Dynasty.

Today I want to share a product that I ordered off the Internet and I know with and products off the Internet, it may not always sound good to be true. But this is pretty much a nonchalant product that I feel is very invaluable to anybody with autism or any any other life conditions where interacting with law enforcement / First Responders may be difficult for first responnders.

Introducing Assistance Cards from CureUp ( It cost me $9.99 (US) and there was free shipping. They have more than just awareness cards but other awarness items as well,. With each order of assisance cards there’s three in a pack and there is the option to have a carrying case included or not.

As you know I am autistic. So the one I ordered is geared for autism. On the front it states I HAVE AUTISM and states what Autism is. It shows sponsors on the bottom with online resources.

The neat thing is on the back, it explains what happens with autism when an autistic is not able to communicate. Also included is a place for the individuals emergency contact information as well as a place to put things that help the indivudual.

Some of the resources include links to research studies, mood tracking apps, and resource portals.

Explaination of on the webpage why three cards are incuded

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