A Photo looking up at the flags of the French and Indian War in 2021from the local park
Independence, Open Topic

Showing You Care

For some autistics, being independent, having their own place and being able to take care of themselves are the ultimate wishes of many, including the family that cares for them. For the family, if they feel it can be done, they will likely try in earnest to make sure that it can be done in order to make all parties satisfied. While skills are learned and a suitable home for the individual is secured, oftentimes upkeep is required in order to maintain a decent living standard. For many, this may require the use of tools of the trade, something that I realize that I needed.

It has been some time that I have been in a slump so to speak. For the few weeks prior, just barely got by at being independent, not caring about the overall picture it requires to maintain my home to a living standard. A home to one is something that the person should be proud to show off or not be in fear if someone needs to stop on short notice. One should also have the ability to keep it up to par for this very instance. I have struggled with this at times.

This week, I have learned that I can’t be in the slump and this can be best prevented by keeping busy doing something. The other day, I had most of the day other than working for a little while and an appointment online in the afternoon, I had the majority of the day to take care of business. So, I did. I worked at detailing the kitchen, then the living room, the bedroom and lastly the bathroom. I also did a few loads of laundry and that felt good too. Although there is always laundry to do, I felt good getting some done. Getting things back to a presentable order made me feel good about a home, rather than the “cagey” feeling I have been feeling. I know my home isn’t much as it is older and not that big, but it is home to me and each morning I am grateful for it.

I remember this time last year when I had to leave my last home and the tendencies, I acquired there by not taking care of myself by having a delicate balance to my journey. By not taking care of myself, I was all over the place and I continue to not realize it. As such my last home wasn’t a decent place to be. I realized that and the need to get back on my feet. I honestly believe that it was through the grace of a higher power that I was able to secure the home I have today.

Because I had to leave my last home for multiple reasons and I had a hard time adjusting to being with my parents again, I believe that it has caused me to express more gratitude for my home and now being in a state of mind where I am now out of the slump I have been experiencing for an extended period of time, mostly due to being too committed to day program and work as a result of COVID, I am actually realizing what I need to do to have an  enjoyable life.

As such taking care of oneself should indeed be something that one should be proud of. When you get into that slump, you just don’t care about yourself and people see it. When you do things like take care of your body, your home, and so forth, people notice. Continual disregard will make people notice that something is not right and they may not know how to be sensitive to properly find out how they can help.

When one, especially an autistic individual lives in the community, it is essential that they are taking care of themselves. This may require additional supports, and there is always a huge lack of them across the board. Myself in my thirties had to learn a lot of life’s lessons the hard way. I guess now I realize that it is important for me to maintain everything in my life and at times I realize that I need the tools and aids in order to be well and want to make my living environment, body and so forth a livable and presentable element in my life.

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