Union Station Weekly

Union Station Clubhouse Weekly; Volume 7, Issue 5; April 30, 2021

Goal Achieved!!! And Not Stopping!!!

This week’s weather has had its ups and downs. We had breaks for two days at one time and one day in between due to rain, however we went at least a mile and a half every day getting to that fourth set of benches. I saw a
FIFTH set of benches not too far in the distance. This past weekend we went to those benches.

Meanwhile, while sitting at this bench, I notice that a Scenic Overlook is not too far in the distance. After contemplating for a moment, we decide that we would venture the 1 tenth or so of a mile to the bridge, which was nice.

Walking back from the Overlook

Some improvements were made since our visit last fall, but one has to remember that I had gained thirty pounds since that visit and have lost
almost twenty of that or so. I have experienced weight gain at my worst. It got to points I couldn’t get through Walmart without being out of
breath. I could hardly stand up for long periods of time. I would worry if I could make it through a fire drill at work if one occurred there a day I am
there and be able to stand through the evacuation process.

It has been a month almost to the day that we planned this goal to get to this point of the trail. My mother was excited too. Because we encourage
each other, although she claims I encourage her more than she encourages me. Its just getting there and heading down the trail that is the hardest part of it all . On the day I reached the bridge for the first time, I didn’t dream of making it past the third bench. Surprises come in little ways.

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