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Wellness Wednesday: Keep the Fires Burning

If anyone has been following my Wellness Wednesday posts, they have realized that I have begun the health train again. While I needed to do this for sometime now as COVID hasn’t been kind to me as I have gained over 40 pounds because of ignorance of what I was doing to my body. It had seemed that by not combining eating healthier and being active are detriments of getting the fires burning and keeping the momentum going.

As such as I have begun this recent journey, I as many people experience setbacks which make me easily frustrated. Last week, I mentioned that I had sabotaged my weigh in by eating and drinking before the weekly weigh in, and now I know that I need to stop eating and drinking by a certain time. As such, when this week when you see good results on your scale but you don’t see as good of a result om the scale, it can easily frustrate you and make you feel easily frustrated. While it has taken me to understand that I am not where I was just three weeks ago, I need to keep the fires burning in the health department so that I can keep going, regardless on the number on the scale.

I should recognize and that a loss is better than the alternative and also celebrate the losses of the fellow members in the group along with encourage those who may need support as I have been there for some time and have spent several moments when I received support from them and may need to write them a note and encourage them as well. If I am investing in my health and the weekly support meetings help me, then I too need to invest in them as well.

While I didn’t have the weight loss result at the weekly weigh in as expected and was frustrated for a short while, I know I have to keep the fires burning. As such, I discovered several non-scale victories (NSV’s) this week. The first one was at the day program, when I was able to walk two blocks to the convenience store (with a mask on) and back without being out of breath or in pain and needing to stop and sit or catch my breath, something that was occurring a lot weeks ago.

One Milepost down

The other and I guess changing NSV is getting further on the local rail-trail. Much kudos to my mom who has wanted to go more often due to a change in her life and wants a walking partner. We support each other as we go. When she first brought up the idea to me. I claimed that I wouldn’t make it from the trailhead to the main trail. She said we’ll just go bench by bench to build up our stamina as we both need to be active. The first day I made it to the second bench and recently made it almost a mile past a mile marker (the miles don’t coincide with where we start on the trail) but that was an accomplishment for us.

Yes, you can go quite further on the trail and there are other landmarks further down the trail. We will celebrate these as time goes along, but it was just something to be able to walk over a mile and a half yesterday there and back, only stopping once in between each way to rest and once the turnaround location. With all the activity I was doing yesterday, I had over 10,000 steps of my 6,000-step goal on my fitness tracker. As such I we are on a YouTubers Active Minutes Challenge for the month of April so there is some more encouragement.

I know as many people who become easily frustrated when you don’t the results you want to see because of all the hard work that you put in to be healthy it can be discouraging to the point that you want to give up and go back to the old ways. But for me, I know that this is better than the other result and that it is a must do if I want to be healthier. I know that while I may not see the results right away, give it some time and keep that fire burning and in the end that result will come. I just have to vision the goals down the road and keep my eyes on where I want to be in the long run.

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