For many in the autism community, we are told to relinquish our dreams of Love.

Little do the naysayers know is that the trend is changing to be more accepting of LOVE.

We have the same rights as any other person on the spectrum, they have the right to feel LOVE.

So, what makes us different? Is it the fear of being hurt, rejected, not knowing what is LOVE?

What those naysayers don’t know is that while sometimes we look as if we don’t know what is LOVE?

We know, it is said we as autistics can’t feel empathy, however we can feel empathy and show the LOVE,

Just as much as any other person out there. It may come slow to us, but give us time, we’ll get what is LOVE.

Well understand all the subtle meanings, we just need someone to guide that actually cares and shows us LOVE,

Along with patience and understanding with our senses and showing us that we can be comfortable with our level of LOVE.

It may take us time to find the right person in a world out there that has more danger than good. Do two people that are autistic deserve to be together deserve to spend their lives together in LOVE?

The answer is not simple, but if it works out, by all means they can LOVE.

What we want to define as love as autistics is on our terms and it isn’t what society thinks of LOVE

But what the people of the relationship define what love is. One thing for sure is it needs to be beyond program LOVE.

The kind that is in the day programs, unless of course meetings occur outside the program because otherwise it wouldn’t be LOVE

Just an acquaintance, that is it, not LOVE

But as supporters to autistics, don’t relinquish our dreams of LOVE

Because, properly educated we as autistics deserve the same rights to LOVE

As everyone deserves to LOVE.

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