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Wellness Wednesday: Small Goals Matter

It’s been two weeks since I returned to my weight loss support group after being absent since last summer due to COVID. Last week I gained 2 pounds from the week prior. This week, I lost 6.75 pounds. I was also loser to of the week, although there were several other losses in the group, including my mom. I would have probably lost half the weight I lost this week  last week, but I made the Ill decision just 2 hours before weigh in last week to self sabotage my luck by eating and drinking, something I didn’t do this week, yet while I did eat before meeting, I too made yet another bad decision after the meeting to grab fast food on the way home.

This past week I worked hard at getting all the weight off by portion control, more water, tracking food and personal weigh ins each morning consistently with the Fitbit on my phone and not staying idle too much. Even with Easter, it wasn’t nothing that I couldn’t handle. I just know that the ball is in my court and i have to make up my mind that I need to do it for me and no one else. I plan meals as much as possible. Being that I am working on my cooking skills at the day program gives me an opportunity to know what’s being prepared and what’s going In it. By far, using the Fitbit app on my phone and having continuous synchrony while logging in my food while eating it is helping me the most.

Let me preface with the fact that in the course of a year since before COVID, I have gained almost forty pounds. I was very idle, although last fall I did some things to be active time and time again, but then would sabotage it with eating and drinking the wrong foods. Over the winter, times became bad to the point where I couldn’t make the full cycle at the store or when at the day program a walk a block and a half to the atm or gas station. This is when my parents and I became in fear.

We thought that by me moving would solve the problem as it being a second-floor apartment and I would get activity, yet I would order out frequently and eat and drink foods that had bad nutrients and lots of calories and given my condition I shouldn’t have. Also, we had a lot of snow for the first time in several years and while I had the opportunity to do some snow shoveling, what I burned off doing that was replaced with eating a bunch of junk. When I couldn’t even make a grocery trip on my own, I realized something had to change.

As I began to step back into the community and as a life event occurred for my mother, we made the mutual decision to return back to the weight loss support group after a eight-month absence. Mutually, we realized that we needed to support each other in losing weight and while we are as of this writing lighter than we were when going to that first meeting of the year, we have also come to the realization that there is no easy fix. The cure is simple, you have to eat less and move more. Fitbit helps both of us with that, but ultimately, we are on our own making the decisions and supporting each other along the way.

Two weeks ago, in the group, we talked about sensible goals. I have made them, too with the assistance of my Fitbit and have the item selected for reaching the small goal which isn’t too far away from getting reached. I feel like having small, attainable goals is much better than having a much larger goal. You have to have it in baby steps. This week, I have the goal of losing almost half the amount I lost this week to even it out for ten pounds at the weight loss support group. If I keep it off for three weeks, I will be recognized, however it isn’t about the recognition. Its’ about the encouragement and support and wanting to keep going, because when the numbers drop, then you want to keep going.

Of course, there’s the big goal, but I have come to the realization that food products and dining out are not solutions for getting better. Putting together things that are healthy and are made with things that you can control how it’s being made can help the process go by so much easier. It’s about having an end sight in mind and seeing where it will take you and it will be good if you make it that way.

Until next time, see you lighter.

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