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Concentrating On COVID: Intertia to Activate

The spring weather has come out in full swing recently. It’s Daylight longer (the Pennsylvania General Assembly is considering extending Daylight Saving Time the entire year (I’m crossing my fingers this happens!) The temperature is getting pretty seasonable. Yet, I have experienced inertia of becoming active and stepping back safe into the community. For over a year, I have secluded myself mostly in my very own limited bubble.

Yes, I am in a new neighborhood and that has some getting used to. But its all not that different. I have walked it many times, its just a different quadrant of the neighborhood that in order to connect to the rest of the town requires some more walking, hence it is not central but at one edge. I know that especially on days where I remain dormant in and out of meetings and not keeping busy with work and if the weather allows itself and my schedule permits that I need to get dressed and get myself out and about in the neighborhood. As long as I am moving for at least fifteen minutes that is what needs to be my mindset in order to be well and I should know that.\

Sometimes in Autistics we struggle with the 8th sense of introspection, or knowing our body’s internal signals to do things. This works hand in hand with the functions of our body. If we do not know that we need to do them, then we won’t and we’ll just live in misery and we don’t want to do that. Today it took the signs for people that see me in person more that something was wrong, they immediately messaged me to call them. They became extremely concerned because I didn’t seem myself and I was in a sort of lag. They being a professional reminded me that it was a nice day and to let the sunshine in and open my windows. At the end of the day, I needed to get outside no matter if it was for a few minutes, it was something. I suggested going to the nearby park as it was vacant today and I agreed on that.

After the end of the business portion of my day, I put on clothes that I was willing to wear outside of my home, took the trash out and got my lawn chair and sat in my front yard, Sitting here scrolling through my phone, yet I was feeling the sense that I wanted to explore the neighborhood. So, I put my lawn chair away and began my journey by exploring the nearby park discovering all of its features when I approached the former concession stand that served the ballfield nearby, there was a picnic table there and I decided it would be a perfect place to meditate for the time being as no one was nearby.

So, I meditated, my mother called and I declined the call as I was meditating. She then later text by saying that she was going to our weekly weight loss meeting this week and that we had to start somewhere, therefore she was going that evening.\

I called her, I dawdled around about it, you know that anxiety buildup you have gotten the past year as the fear creeps up on you if you will contract COVID or no. I have also realized that my food intake and exercise have been out of control for a very long time and I though I could grasp it under control on my own. It has gained by a substantial amount and been creeping at that amount for some time. This is from being dormant for the length of COVID

So, I am now realizing that I need to get back on the wellness bandwagon and for real. Not about just making the steps but making serious changes about my lifestyle, by taking things seriously and taking care of the things that I need to take care of for myself and to better myself. I have the golden opportunity to improve my health and I need to do it because I do struggle with it a lot.

So, I went, back … To be continued tomorrow in Wellness Wednesday’s Segment

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