Union Station Weekly

Union Station Weekly: March 26, 2021; Volume 6, Issue 8

Safely Stepping into Spring by Doing Better Health Wise

Spring turns a corner in my step. It has made me realize that I need to improve my wellness as far as getting back on the weight loss train for real. No gimmicks, no fabrications. I need to get outside as long as the weather isn’t too bad each and every day, no matter what I do. . I want to get back to the gym on the days I am away from the Clubhouse so that I can get back in shape.

Likewise, I know I need to treat my body better by being more conscientious of what I am putting in it. I have started going back to my weekly TOPS meetings this week. Since last going a year ago, I have gained over 30 pounds. I know this weight won’t come off overnight and it won’t be easy. But, I know that I need to do it if I want to be able to do things that people do in this world. I am
certainly not ashamed in my body, but it does need some work to make it better.

I know that I also have to take ownership of my body by tracking food, water, weight, etc. on my FitBit by scanning everything I consume and having daily weigh ins once awake. Living on my own doesn’t give me any barriers or excuses of why I cant take care of myself and be better in time. This week I have been starting out small by exploring the parks in my neighborhood and using my photography skills by capturing key moments as the weather breaks.

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