Union Station Weekly

Union Station Weekly; Volume 6, Issue 6; March 12, 2021

11 Years of Working

This week. I have set another milestone: It has been 11 years of me being employed for the Mental Health Association In Fayette County as a Consumer Satisfaction Team Member. While it may not seem like much, each year is a milestone because it means that I am doing well and not experiencing regression by not choosing to give up and revert to the safe way of not working and relying solely on government benefits alone.

While my job has limited hours, I am proud to have it and to be able to be a contributor to society. From being a young man who had no desire to start this job 11 years ago, it goes to prove if you stick with it and do your best, you can go places.

From that young shy man who struggled to even show up at work because of my anxiety overriding me many times to being excited to getting the opportunity to start the day and be around my coworkers.
The last 11 years have been fun and quite an adventure. I have learned a lot along the way. I just can’t wait to see what the next several years will bring as the behavioral health system keeps evolving with the advancements we are making with telehealth and other related services.

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