Fallingwater in Spring
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Wellness Wednesday: Spring on The Horizon

What a difference a week will make, or a few days for that matter! While here in Southwestern Pennsylvania should be used to rough Februarys, we haven’t experienced them as continually snowy in many years. Being independent, along with being in a national pandemic makes it more unpleasant to experience. However, as I am writing this week’s wellness update, we are making changes to the betterment of my physical health. I am getting more sleep, and good steady sleep.

Along with bettering my nutrition and reducing my sugary beverage intake, I am making the prerogative to be more active at the day program by volunteering to do activities that require me to be away from the computer or in a sedentary position.  I am realizing the need to become more active and having the support of my peers and mentors to better my intake and modeling their behavior, not only because it is cool, but because they have made themselves healthier by doing so.

I am excited because as of this writing, there is a sort of spring warm up, and that has cheered me up. Not being able to see the sun, as most of the past months were dark and gloomy along with the aforementioned pandemic has made the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) appear in myself more frequently. This has been the second day of which I did not after a hard day want to lay in bed because of not experiencing light. I am further glad to say that while there is a 50/50 chance of rain as of the publish date of this article, it will be in the fifties, which I am quite excited about. The days ahead, while the weekend has rain forecasted, is also warm. I guess after spending almost two weeks shoveling snow, I am ready to see green grass and sunlight.

Having warmer weather and clear grounds will provide the opportunity for more outdoor time. For many weeks I have been regretting the time I would have to go back outdoors and walk, however I personally feel it is a necessity and needs to be done frequently. Whilst, it shouldn’t be just for a run to the local Dunkin, maybe I should place the order ahead on the app and pickup, thus decreasing the need to stand in line and wait. After all, I did get a gift card for valentine’s day (hint, hint). It’s a start.

For months, other than day program and work and the occasional trip with family, I have been remaining in my home. I am becoming aware with taking the proper precautions, that I will be safe and I can experience the community like anyone else. With spring coming up will feature more walking trail time. For the longest time, I stated that I wouldn’t make it any further than a few hundred yards to the comfort station. However, with gradual practice and more physical activity I feel I will get there and beyond.

With a change of month also on the horizon, will come the beginning of Daylight-Saving Time. Yes, that is what it is called, it is not plural, I checked with the word processor. Regardless, while last year was one of my favorite activities before the pandemic got serious, the Library Book Sale. That was the last one of those that occurred, even so the library hasn’t opened to the public since the mandated closure. Otherwise, I am looking forward to warmer weather and as being outdoors more, not just sitting, but walking again and being more active and undoing the damage done over the past four months due to being sedentary. I know that I can no longer be that inactive and must get back to doing things. Once I become vaccinated, I think I will be going back to the gym, as long as government allows. Here’s to spring.

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