Union Station Weekly

Union Station Weekly: Volume 6, Issue 7; March 19, 2021

Virtually Changing

It has been a year this week since we members were kept at home and the Clubhouse was physically closed due to the new Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we all were told it would be two weeks, maybe longer. Two weeks, Clubhouse members and Scott met for virtually until eventually other staff were called back from furlough and eventually we returned to the facility to where we are still open physically today (along with PPE and distancing).

Over the past year, many opportunities have risen for Clubhouse members and staff to attend events that they once did in person virtually. I personally see this continuing as we one day reach herd immunity and the predominance of the virus going away to the point where PPE and distancing will limited.

However many that are conducting oversight are seeing the true benefits of being able to do things in a virtual manner. Granted, Internet services and data accessibility for members has a way to grow until being out full cycle. This can be done by advocating virtually as this is the only way we can right now for
your beliefs and the benefits of having virtual events. If Internet services and data is extended and made more affordable to individuals as they can join these events, the more member input that can be given and we can reach the overall goal of improving and bettering the mental health system for all of those that needed and improving access to care and the things individuals need to be well in the communities they reside.

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