Wellness Wedbesday

Wellness Wednesday: Flipping the Coin

Well, another week has come by and it has been seriously a week of highs and lows. From experiencing a near meltdown about having to walk long distances in the local supercenter, to actually making changes to better my health and adapt portion control and seeing some weight come off, I am hoping that I am finally seeing the turn of the coin to the realization point that I cannot eat whatever I want just because I have the freedom to do so.

Why do I over exercise that freedom? I know it isn’t good, I know doing it doesn’t lead towards where I want to be. I want to get further in my walks than the darn Dunkin Donuts just because I know I can make it there. I want to explore my city again, like I did before. But if I can’t do something as simple as a shopping trip, then I really need to work more on moving around. It Is quite the embarrassment to tell your mother that is almost twice your age that you have been putting off going to the supercenter because you know it will be a struggle.  I know I do not want to be wheelchair bound, nor do I want to be bedridden, so I know I have to make an improvement to my health, no one else can do it for me.

Being autistic can have its benefits and challenges to diet.  Many who do not require assistance with meal planning, such as myself, can make meal planning a breeze and can be controlling of their food intake, if they so desire. It isn’t like I have the tools, prior to COVID-19 I have spent nearly 15 years attending a local Weight Loss Support Group, and will hopefully once I get vaccinated will be returning. In reality, I know the knowledge and skillset to better my food intake, and I have.

As for the supercenter trip. While it was short, mainly due to the store being overcrowded, we made it quick, but I did have to hold on to the shopping cart. I saw my brother who is 15 years my elder and he has a host of physical health problems and requires a parking permit , yet he too is utilizing a shopping cart for balance, still I feel ashamed for doing this, but with hopefully moving more, hopefully the need for this will decrease.

When one reads the nutrition labels on food, there has been such an improvement on the past few years as it shows the nutritional values for the ENTIRE package, like a box of Velveeta Shells and Cheese, which is a once-a-week go to. I saw the calorie content for the box, which you have to cook the entire dinner at once was nearly as much as what an average sized person’s calorie budget was, I realized that I needed to once cooking was completed divide the contents in two, half on my plate and the other in a container for lunch the next day as I was working in the office and would need something for lunch.

As I have shared my food palate for the past few days on my social media channels along with mentioning it on my Adulting post this week, I am realizing the need to expand the palate due to needing to eat healthier and get more nutrients in my system and hopefully put it in track with working towards a healthier weight in mind. It is working. In almost a week I have lost four pounds by just doing simple things like limiting sugars and reducing portions, it is slowly working.

Now a few hours prior to writing this article, I have to divulge that I stopped at a  fast food joint while running errands and I decided to take a impulse on a new sandwich on the menu that shown a chicken sandwich, however I skipped the fries and got the sandwich and a diet soda. I know I need to limit the soda and have been doing a good job in this department for this week, by limiting what I bring in to my residence because I cannot control the impulse to have it when I could substitute it with water. I know that I will not achieve this overnight, but I know within time I will get there. One of my best friends says that it takes time and I will get there because I have seen the progress on my friends and mentors when they have cut back in foods and sodas and their progress has been remarkable and I will get there too,..someday!

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