COVID-19 Series

Concentrating On COVID: Not Giving Up On Our Dreams

Well, as we enter 2021, we are still fighting COVID-19. Yes, we have a vaccine but we still have a way to go until we even enter our way out of the woods. We may not be there totally yet, but some glimpse of light is working its way in to the eye of the world.  However, there is the need to know that people are hurting and at least the US Government gave it and businesses around the world a shot in the economy. Many will say they are unhappy with the amount but there is little we can do. Many say that because one sole senator wanted his way the attempts to raise the amount American taxpayers received this round was over three times less than the President wanted it to be. However, this is the way the laws of our land work and their ways work. We as constituents have to accept the help that is given to us.

Speaking of help that is given. In the next town over a retired person runs a nonprofit that focuses on food a charity recovery and operates it twice the week out of a housing project community hall. It was discovered that that some people receiving these distributions were attempting to make a profit off of these boxes or they were throwing meat into the road outside the housing project. This undermines the efforts of the volunteers that put forth the effort to make things happen for the less fortunate. In fact, the volunteers have to constantly turn people away at their two distributions a week because they run out of food on a continual basis. The need is great, yet there are those who take advantage of those who are desperately in need.

Which made me think about the monthly Active & Fit Direct membership I am paying for on a monthly basis, yet I am not using because of COVID. However, there is a multitude of workout videos and other media available through their website that I am paying for, yet for almost a year and not looking at it all. If I want to do something about my health, then I have to be the one to take charge and lead my way into watching the videos and doing my part at least until the COVID cases are tamed in the spring or summer.

It is a common stereotype that many autistic men are thin as a rail and don’t eat anything. This is simply not the case and varies greatly. It can be dependent on the medication one takes, but also that the medication that they are taking causes the individual to eat excessive amounts of food and because the autistic senses are heightened because they are hungry this causes the food to come in excessive amounts. Nonetheless, this issue is often overlooked in the autism community because many feel of our inability to adapt to the societal norms of the environments needed to put our weight loss plans into action such as workout facilities and adapting to foods that may not have such a comforting texture  to the individual. Nonetheless, oftentimes if an autistic person wants something, such as myself and others then we do what is necessary to break down these societal norms in order to reach their goals.

If you asked me five years ago if I would even be doing a comprehensive autism platform, I would say you are out of your mind. However, with decades of adverse skill, knowledge and experience has given me the sounding board to express myself as I see fit and feel that by me writing my experiences then I hope it will help someone in the long run. With this being said, we as autistics, COVID or not, have dreams, and if that is like mine to be healthier this year then I shouldn’t keep doing what I have been doing the past two decades and make excuse after excuse about why I cant exercise and its too hard to do this or that, It is in the mind, and if I want it to be I will make it happen.

Yes, COVID might have uprooted our routines as an autistic community but it certainly can’t stop us from having what we need or want to do. If you asked me six months ago that I would be getting back on my feet in five, I would second-guess every thought you would give me but it happened, during COVID.

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