Union Station Weekly

Union Station Weekly: Volume 5, Issue 2: December 11, 2020

Members Share: What is your favorite Winter Activity

For many winters I lived with my parents on their farm and we would go outside and do things. But, since I moved on my own I like to continue that tradition in some form. Thankfully, in the years I have been independent, we haven’t had any real bad winters. So, I like to go to the River Park and pray and take pictures and video of the river and the geese there. I would usu-ally follow that up by going to Sheetz and having a drink in the dining room. Unfortunately, that will have to be on hold this winter as the dining room is closed during COVID. It also a good way for me to be active since I am a little fearful of going to the gym with all this going on right now. I am hoping for a nice winter where the weather is at least conducive for me to get out and stretch my legs.

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