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Union Station Weekly: Volume 4, Issue 9; November 25, 2020

Members Share: What are Your Thanksgiving Plans

2020 for me has been one heck of a year with me. First, moving out of my first apartment and moving with my parents for what I would thought would be a few years. But, this month I would be approved for a new apartment.
While 2020 has had its trials and tribulations with the multiple moves, coronavirus, and new governmental advisements which result-ed in not having a communal meal of any kind this year.
Thankfully, many in the mental health and human services communities realize that many will not have the traditional Thanksgiving Days of years past. As such, I will be receiving a meal delivered by food pantry along with attending a Virtual Check In on Virtual Clubhouse and attending Peer Sup-port Groups through NAMI on Zoom. We as a family will also likely do a Facebook Video Call in the afternoon. It is key to keep busy in these trying times.

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