Union Station Weekly

Union Station Weekly: Volume 4, Issue 8; November 20, 2020

Members Share: How Have You Adjusted During the Pandemic

Being in a new living arrangement for the second time has been a big change for me, but it is for the better. I have came to the realization that I need to keep a busy schedule and need to reach out to my supports and create new ones such as virtual support groups offered by NAMI affiliates across the commonwealth and through Mental Health America. I also need to offer input to other listening entities such as the local Community Support Programs dur-ing the pandemic and learn how others are coping too. I have made the decision at my new home to forgo cable as to not have the opportunity to absorb myself in the outpouring of media gravitated to-wards the pandemic. I am cautious of where I go and who and what I come in contact with and follow the guidelines set forth by our government leaders. I have realized that while we may not be able to do many things that we did this time last year, we have the availability more than ever with technology to reach out for support when we need it. I have came to a realization that I should take advantage of what is offered so I can take care of myself and be well.

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