COVID-19 Series

Concentrating On COVID: It’s Getting Real

If any time during the COVID-19 Pandemic has come to the point that I am scared, it is now. There’s looming talk of restrictions, plans for the holidays are suggested to be held in other ways than the traditional methods that we have been used to all our lives. Plans are being made in the event that lockdown occurs, although we are assured by state officials that it’s not going to happen. Family members have been in contact with food service workers that have contracted the virus, thus resulting in them having to be tested and a huge uncertainty of unknown, as is in much of the world.

First, I want to say that I have not personally been in contact with these family members for over two weeks and not after the event where the infected food service worker was working. I am thankful that I had my own plans and that I have been practicing the precautions set forth by those government officials. One thing that struck me was when I went to work today and a staff meeting was had and I was deemed a essential employee, a first for me, along with the notice to prepare for working differently and planning to be creative should restrictions come into play to be ready and have plans on what I need and what I need to do in the event this should happen. Honestly no one in the USA doesn’t have a clue.

The cases are rising, adjoining states have heavier orders than we do. On the educational front all, adjoining counties have a more positivity rate, thus restricting the educational environment to distance learning, which we know that autistics do struggle, among many other young learners. This results in the caregivers being the teachers in subjects they oftentimes have little knowledge in resulting in a bad return of work, and poor communication with the educational professional. Ancillary services such as therapies and other needs are restricted in the substantial learning phase as a result and many including children on the spectrum do suffer as a result of having to be isolated.

Nonetheless, I personally am preparing to be home more should the need arise. In a meeting with the day program, we were told should the capacity of the facility be restricted individuals who can attend virtually will be encouraged to do so to permit those without the opportunity to attend and not be without any service. I agree with that wholeheartedly because I excel better in this chapter at that and want to keep busy and involved in what I can. I have also been attending virtual support groups because of all the changes and they too have become beneficial to me because they give a impartial voice that I need right now that I cannot get by many other support groups and therapies that I had in person prior to the pandemic being halted, although I had the choice, some where just in environments that were susceptible to contraction and telehealth was and still is encouraged.

This week’s events thus far and the outcry of the media has made me a little anxious. However, I know that I need to seek out the supports when I need to so I do not revert back to the mania states of the past independent living situation. I have also been told by my day program that should we have to be restricted to our homes, more outreach will be conducted and more things will be provided to us than the last lockdown because  we know that being isolated is not good for anyone, especially individuals with mental, developmental and neurological conditions.

It makes me think of the individuals who cannot go out such as individuals in more restrictive settings such as care and group homes, places where they cannot see their own parents in person. Something I take for granted. This virus has been a bitch to so many and I am hopeful we can find a vaccine soon that is effective  and works for all parties, but we have to take care of our vulnerable individuals before those such as myself who can fair pretty well and can accept the need to have a restrictive environment be in that environment should the situation dictate that until it would be safe to be around others and not have a high chance of contracting the virus. One of my biggest fears of the virus is the anxiety of the testing instrument then the waiting, and waiting for the result of the test. If it would by chance be positive then I would think just like that server in the banquet facility of the nearly 50 persons who would have to be tested as a result of my inconsiderate actions. That my friends are why I am super cautious and follow the government’ restrictions to the letter, because personally I don’t thing, I could accept the diagnosis and go through the mandatory quarantine mentally and physically.

Some people may think that I am silly for wearing that mask everywhere I go, but I hope they realize that it is for my own protection and that I have parents that love me and want the best for me and that is not to contact the virus.

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