COVID-19 Series

Concentrating On COVID: Media & Resurgence

First, I want to apologize for not completing my typed articles in a timely fashion this week. A lot has been going on and it is mainly to do with several commitments of adulting. Please be assured that I still want to dedicate time to my blog and social media channels as I believe that it is a good outlet for me to express myself.

However, as the pandemic grows and grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to watch it because all of the looming hype and fear driven numeric, events, so forth. It isn’t like weren’t aware of a resurgence in the fall, it was preached to us at the onset. We knew cases would dwindle in the summer and climb back up in the fall, added with many schools reopening to only have them retract back to virtual due to infection, again, we knew this was coming.

So, what do we do, we have Halloween and veterans’ parades down the main street in town where the local paper does not show anyone wearing a mask, and I can guarantee that social distancing would be enforced? Photography and Videography is a key interest of mine. I operate a website, and several Social Media Platforms, and if a parade is occurring in my town in the right element, I make it a point to get there. However, the Memorial Day parade was modified and social distancing and masking were not seen at it. We also had a human rights march in our community along with a big picnic for the demonstrators at a local park where again, masks were not worn in photographs. The Homecoming High School Football Game was held last week, same thing in the media.

As autistics and other individuals who are told to get out in their communities and be a part of something, it makes me very aggravated that the community picks and chooses what they have to their liking and if we don’t agree with the way others act, then we have to remain in our bubble and be sufferance of our own devices. The veteran’s parade in our county is rotated between three towns in our county and is held once in our community every third year. If the pandemic was not under us this fall, I would be taking off day program and be there, however out of an abundance of caution for my health and safety, yet again I have to wait for the local cable channel to run it later.

I totally get that I can do everything I can to protect myself and mostly others, but it is not what others are doing to protect me from infection. It is noted that the spread of infection occurs mostly in large gathering’s, hence things I have mentioned of these magnitudes shan’t be occurring,

Speaking of the media myself, in the past I have asked on various Autism groups on Facebook about how many autistics actually watch television, movies, etc. While the response to those threads had a great deal of variables. I was able to get the read that I was not alone in feeling the way I feel about television, etc. Now, I can watch a movie on a streaming platform, but I am constantly looking the timer ticker thingy seeing how much time is left in a movie before it ends. Depending on the film or show, it can cause an extreme amount of sensory and traumatic overload in me that I have to get up and move away from the screen. This was another item that many on the online groups pointed out. Hence, this is why we have sensory free screenings in theaters (when COVID is eventually over anyway.) Regardless I used to watch the local news daily about things that happened in the region, although I live about an hour outside the metro area.

The discussion of COVID, mixed in with the constant election news and then the breaks having political ads in between just irks me. Our presidential candidates and lobbyists have even logged aggressive social media campaigns, especially on YouTube where you can rarely start a video without hearing something political or having a poll on how you are going to vote. I personally feel that social media shouldn’t have the right to collect this information.  I personally am tired of attempting to watch a video on YouTube to have rounds and rounds of political propaganda shoved down our throat. I get that its paid advertising, but it gets monotonous and is irritating.

Meanwhile, back to the wold of COVID, we can only do what we can to protect ourselves in our bubble. We have to do all we can to protect ourselves to the best of our ability so that we can stay well. It may mean having to having more self-care or not associating with persons we know are not properly masking and physically distancing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion in everything, however when you hear the numbers and symptoms of those affected with COVID, it worries you, especially if you have anxiety. Regardless, you can’t give up on a sense of normalcy, just keep life as regemented and as normal as you can to be well.

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