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Concentrating On COVID: Making Changes for the Better

As many of my bloggers are awhile. COVID has not been nice to me. I mean I am healthy (for what I can be), however in the course of over six months of being under a national pandemic, I have chartered a wild course of behaviors, including not medicating (some of this before the pandemic began), not eating right and not caring about what I am putting in my body, so on and so forth. Regardless, I have came to the realization that I need to speak to medical professionals about my feelings and what I am experiencing because of the added stresses that everyone is experiencing, I should be up front so I can get the help I need.

Now, I am not saying that I am experiencing a serious mental health emergency, but I know I need to bring some things to the attention of the medical professionals. Some if it, such as the sedentariness and lack of food intake is my fault and I take responsibility for that, without a doubt. It’s been an issue for several decades and the medicines that I have been on for that length of time have certainly not helped much, rather have made me gain nearly 100 pounds in over two decades, something I am not proud of.

 Recently, my Family Doctor moved to a new practice and I got to see her in her new locale. I have stressed my need to lose weight and the importance of it and taking it slow, along with a healthy food and medicine regimen. I plan to see her next spring with a plan to lose 50 pounds by then and I plan to be there, because my number one cheerleader, my mom wants to lose weight too and we have set weight amounts and if we attain those targets next spring, we will by bicycles to explore the local rail trail.

In fact, six of the past seven days this week, I have been involved in some sort of waking exercise. Much kudos to my mom for motivating and taking me to walk on the courses and to explore the great outdoors this fall season. You have given me the drive to keep it up. Another thing she has done has shown me a visual of what I am consuming daily in sugary drinks (the post photo for this post) showing me the comparison of utilizing lesser calorie beverages instead of the common ones on the shelf. Also, that counting calories and keeping a food journal is key to any weight loss journey.

 Which in turn brings us back to two weeks ago when I decided to start documenting my behaviors before visiting the psychiatrist next week, being thorough in this is key such as when medications are taken, sleep patterns (Fitbit helps in this part a great deal.) But these key steps will be crucial in making decisions when making a medication change and following the journaling pattern afterward for a time until a better point is seen.

To be honest, it is getting better in regards to staying awake after getting a decent amount of sleep (3rd Day with no naps in the middle of the day…a record since back on the regimen…and so glad) So unsure if it is indeed my medicine that makes me overly drowsy, but sometimes I still am, just not as much, so I will need to have the conversation. I have been a long believer in not “rocking the boat”, however it is getting to the point I am having issues with my work and other activities. Furthermore, I struggle at times staying on task. Irritability happens at occasion, not as much however. I know if I want to be better someday, I know I need to have this conversation and I know my life will be better by doing it.

In closing, I encourage anyone that has struggles with mental heath needs at this challenging time to consult your doctor about what to do. I personally know medicine is not for everyone, however it is essential to my lifestyle and I need it to thrive well in the real world.

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