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Adulting: Paitence

In gaining my skills to regroup for the next  chapter in my life, I have made the decision to do a blog series on Adulting. The ninth installment is about instilling paitence in doing normal tasks

For the longest time, patience wasn’t my strong suit. It sometimes isn’t my greatest quality. However, if in embrace it in skills I do that better my quality of life, I know in the end I will be a happier person as a result. For example, this weekend, I was enhancing my space that I was talking about last week. We decided to go to a different dollar store where it is cleaner than the one, we frequent and there’s more of a variety of supplies. We were not disappointed in this venture. We ended up at the Supercenter afterwards where I got the quality items like an alarm clock and a few organizational pieces for my desk. Slowly, its looking much better day by day.

Normally, I would be in a hurry to get all this stuff put away in its place. This would result in it being done half-assed, and wrappers and other peripherals of the items purchased strewn about the room with stuff not done. I have been surprised in the past two weeks I have been taking pride in the stuff I have purchased and taking the time to make the bed and put Items I put out of their designated places. This my friends, is a result of being patient.

Now I said patience isn’t my strong suit, that is the absolute truth as I was always in a hurry to get things done so I could sit on my duff. However, with more time on the hands, it has made it easier to manage with a better medication and sleep regimen, it in turn has made my ability to be more patient and able to tolerate unexpected issues that should arise. It is being easier to rest and relax and not be hyper focused on the screens that everyone has become accustomed to in these pandemic laden days.

Being patient is realizing that cleaning up and taking pride in something whether your body, space, etc. means you in turn will be happier with yourself. Also, for me it has made me realize the need to grow up and take more manly responsibilities like cleaning up common areas of the house or doing tasks for those that I live with. As a result, the relationship I have with those family members is much more pleasant and not so much in hatred.

These skills should have been instilled me at a younger age, I just didn’t pay attention or care. Its not my parents’ fault. They tried along with others that were there to support me, I just didn’t want any parts of it. I was just focused on what I wanted to do and couldn’t think of anything else. My mind was so hyper fixed on getting to what I wanted to do that I couldn’t get my mind off it and let everything else to crap, so to speak. I know that having things looking good in the end is a more presentable way to be and more liked and appreciated.

Here’s to a better life! ?

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